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What are the best lotteries in the Netherlands? Nowadays lotteries are an vital part of the Dutch gambling industry. The Dutch Lottery is the largest provider of games of chance in the Netherlands. With a wide range of prize lotteries, sports betting and online casino games, they implement the Dutch gambling policy.

The Dutch Lottery was created in 2016 by the merger of the State Lottery and the Lotto. Since October 2021 we also offer casino games and live betting on sports events. There is a choice of nine trusted brands: State Lottery, Lotto, Eurojackpot, Millionaires' Game, Lucky Day, Scratch Cards, TOTO Shop, TOTO Casino and TOTO Sport.

Play Dutch lotteries online (2023)

Play in 2023 the best lotteries from the Netherlands. The draws range from weekly or monthly. You can also opt for one-off participation or monthly.

Play National Postcode lottery >

Weekly FREE chance to win €5 MILLION
14 draws - €14.50 ticket

Play Staatsloterij >

Draw every 10th of the month
Jackpot more as 10 million
Price: 3,50 - 35 Euro

Play Dutch Lotto >

Draw every Saterday
Jackpot: more as 2,5 million
Price: 2 Euro

Play Eurojackpot >

Draw is each Tuesday and Friday
Jackpot: 120 million
Ticketprice: 2 Euro

Play Luckyday >

Results at 19:00 every day
You decide the prize to be won
Play from as little as €1.50

Who were the winners in the State Lottery draw on 10 september?

The Jackpot was won on a State lottery ticket with Lot number: DM27930

 Main prize 1 million

Lot number: BF76515
Lot number: XL AT34972

What lotteries are there in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, you need a licence to organise a lottery. The parijten now have a gaming licence are the Nationale Postcodeloterij and the VriendenLoterij of the Goede Doelen Loterijen and the Nederlandse Loterij with the Staatsloterij, Lotto, Eurojackpot, Miljoenenspel, Lucky Day, Krasloten and Toto. Furthermore, Fairshare Netherlands has two lotteries namely the Care-a-Lot and Lot of Happiness lottery.

Lotto Holland

Why play with lotto? Not only you win with Lotto. After all, after deduction of the prize money, the proceeds from Lotto will go entirely to Dutch sports and 18 other charities. De Lotto has been licensed since 1961 to organize Lotto and Numeral Games. Playing lotto is very easy. You choose 6 numbers from the numbers 1 to 45. Every Saturday we draw 6 winning numbers from 45 balls. If you get all of these right, you win the Jackpot of at least € 2.5 million.

The BankGiro Lottery

From 16 August 2021, the BankGiro Lottery and the Friends Lottery have joined forces and will now continue together under the name Friends Lottery.

The BankGiro Lottery was established in 1961 as the ‘Girolottery’. It changed it’s name in 1978. From then on it focused mainly on charities. Since 2002 this lottery has been part of the so-called ‘Holding Nationale Goede Doelen Loterij’. It works together with the Postcodeloterij and the Vriendenloterij. BankGiro is the ‘older brother’, because the other two lotteries were both established in 1989. Now it is over for this old lottery.

Eurojackpot Holland

That's because with Eurojackpot you have the chance to win the top prize, the Jackpot, of a minimum of 10 million every single draw. This mega lottery takes place in several countries just like the Euromillions, which is why the jackpot is so high. And if the Jackpot doesn't fall, it quickly increases to unprecedented amounts, up to 120 million! That's the highest jackpot in the Netherlands, no other lottery has a jackpot prize like that.

On Friday 23 June, the €120 million jackpot fell, in Germany. Where else has the Eurojackpot fallen? What are the big prizes that have fallen in the Netherlands? Every week there are over 15 thousand Dutch winners at Eurojackpot.

Dutch Postcode lottery

In 1989 the National Postcode Lottery was a very small company. Only the founders and some employees worked there. A lot has changed since then. In 2017 it’s a large company with hundreds of employee. It’s actually the biggest lottery after the Dutch National Lottery. Thousands of Dutch people try their luck by purchasing one or more lottery tickets or play games like deal or no deal or Miljoenenjacht. The ticket uses your zip code and three numbers. This makes the numbers unique and personal. So in total you have four numbers, two letters and three other numbers. The numbers don’t necessarily have to be your own zip code. You can easily choose the zip code on the website of the lottery. It’s also possible to buy your tickets over there. A lot with the so-called ‘StraatprijsVerdubbelaar’ costs 12,75 euros. With this option the prize money will be doubled if you win. Without this double option a lottery ticket costs 11,50 euros.

The monthly draw of the National Postcode Lottery takes place on the last day of the month. The 13th draw on 30 June 2023, the 14th draw on 28 December 2023 and the December draw on 1 January 2024. The draws take place from 10.00 am at Beethovenstraat 200 in Amsterdam. The results of the monthly draws will be published every 1st of the following month. Changes reserved.


Feeling lucky today? You can find out tonight if you can buy that new car. So play along with Lucky Day! With a deposit of €1.50 you can win €450.000. Play directly. The daily game with a draw every day of the week. Players play with their own lucky number(s) and stand a chance at 300,000 times their stake

Dutch State lottery

The Dutch state lottery or Staatsloterij is the older lottery in The Netherlands. Since 2016, the State Lottery has been part of Dutch Lottery. At State Lottery, you have a chance to win fantastic cash prizes every draw. In 2022, we will distribute a whopping €450 million in cash prizes, the very largest prize pool* in the Netherlands. Tax-free! Every 10th of the month there is a draw where you have a chance to win many cash prizes.

Which final figure bagged the most cash prizes in the State Lottery in 2023?

Wondering on which final figures the most prizes fall at the State Lottery? Then check out the tables below for the best final figures. Do you go for an end digit on which the most prizes are won? Or do you choose an end digit on which the fewest prizes are won? State Lottery final figures from 2013 to 2023

Toto Casino & sports

Toto casino is also part of the Dutch lottery. In fact, they have always been the only casino within this lottery association. Moreover, toto is known for its sports betting at Toto sport.

Founded by KNVB in 1957 for a gathering revenue of football club support. At TOTO, players can play together from €1 and bet on dozens of sports. The TOTO Sport brand was created for this purpose to offer online sports betting in the Netherlands. Players can participate live including sports betting and live streaming. From 1 October, players will no longer have to do so paying gambling tax on their cash prizes. You can also fill out Toto forms at over 410 retailers in the Netherlands.


The Friends Lottery is a lottery that supports charities that work on health and well-being. At the friendsLottery, 50% of the turnover goes to charities. In 2019 this was more than 51.9 million euros. The money from the Friends Lottery is well spent! This way you know that your money is well spent anyway, even if you don't win anything yourself. You can choose which charity you support at the VriendenLoterij. This pleasant for many people because everyone has their own taste.

Scratchcards - Krasloten

Scratch cards are a so-called "instant lottery", as defined in the Dutch Gaming Act (Article 14a). The Dutch Lottery is the only organisation in the Netherlands that has a licence to organise instant lotteries (Licence Instant Lottery 2015/2016). An instant lottery is a lottery in which the results of a draw and the determination of the price of the winning lottery tickets take place before the issuing of the participation tickets begins. The most popular cars are december calender and Klaver4.

Miljoenenspel - Millions game

Miljoenenspel is a lottery game of the Dutch Lottery. The latter is the owner of several Dutch lotteries including the Staatsloterij, Lotto and Miljoenenspel. The history of Miljoenenspel can be traced back to 2012. In this year it was established. It replaced Dayzers, a weekly lottery organised by the Staatsloterij.


With Care-a-Lot you support a good cause of your choice every month. Each draw gives you the chance to win beautiful prizes with a top prize of no less than € 1,000,000. In every draw you have a big chance to win of 1 in 5 per ticket. The Care-a-Lot lottery has 1 draw per month (12 per year). Participating costs only € 5,- per lot per draw. Sign up now and take part with Care-a-Lot!

Jantje beton lottery

Jantje Beton is the outdoor play expert who works tirelessly and in collaboration with others to get children and young people playing and moving outdoors. Jantje Beton uses half of the proceeds from lottery tickets sold to secondary school students. This money is used for projects on playground equipment or activities. Over 600 primary schools take part in the lottery every year.

Most frequently asked questions about domestic lotteries

What are the rules for lottery companies in the Netherlands?

Every day people all over the world establish their own lottery. They have good experiences as lottery players themselves or think that their living place can use one. However, it’s not really easy to establish your own lottery. You have to deal with all kinds of rules. For example, you’re required to apply for a permit. What are the rules in the Netherlands for lotteries?

Is donation to charities required?

The Dutch government monitors the developments on the gambling market closely and wants every gambling company to have a permit. Not everyone can establish a lottery, as can be read in the Gambling Law. It has some strict rules, including one that states that a lottery must be organized without commercial purposes. Besides that, a part of the revenue must be donated to charities. The total costs must be 50 percent of the total revenue, and with the other half the lottery must help charitable organizations. Also important is that participants cannot have any influence on the outcome of the lottery.

Term of the permit

The worth of the prize pool is quite easy to calculate. Just add all the retail prizes and write down the result. This also applies for sponsored prizes by the way. Have you obtained a permit? Congratulations! You should be aware of the short term of a permit though. It usually only valid for six months. Another rule is that a company can only organize a maximum of thirteen draws in half a year. Did the municipality or the Gambling Authority not give you a permit? Raise an objection and try again. Good luck!

Are the some exceptions?

There are only a few exceptions when it comes to obtaining a permit. It’s not required for parties who want to organize a promotional game of chance, for example. When a company organizes a such a game it promotes itself, whereas participants have a chance to win money at the same time. You probably know that nursing homes regularly organize bingos. They don’t need a permit for this. There are some requirements though. For example, has to be reported to the municipality. Second, the company that organizes the bingo has to be at least three years old. Last, but not least, the total amount of prize money must not be higher than 1550 euros. An individual prize must be worth less than 400 euros.

Gambling taxes are important as well

Lotteries have to deal with more than just a permit alone. We haven’t spoken about taxes yet. According to the law, taxes have to be paid for prize money above 454 euros. Many lotteries bring this a fee for prize winners. Some companies also pay the taxes themselves. Whatever you do, make sure that your lottery participants are aware of the gambling tax. This prevents unpleasant surprises for you and them. It’s no fun when a winner is confronted with high taxes after winning a big prize. The tax authority in the Netherlands wants players to pay 226 euros when they’ve won a prize between 4500 and 45.000 euros.

What is the mission of the Dutch lottery?

Where all the Netherlands wins: that's our mission. A mission with impact, because we contribute to a happy, healthy and sporty Netherlands. We do this by making many players happy every day with beautiful cash prizes. In 2021, players of the nine games of chance
Staatsloterij, Lotto, Eurojackpot, Miljoenenspel, Lucky Day, Scratch Cards, TOTO Shop, TOTO Sport and TOTO Casino together will have won €2,4 million in prize money won.

Dutch Charity Lottery gives 19.2 million back to society

Our games give you the chance to win cash prizes. From tenner to Mega Jackpot or €10,000 a month. Thank you for being part of the Stichting Aanwending Loterijgelden Nederland, we can support 18 charities in the field of health, sport and welfare. Examples are the Diabetes Fund, KWF Kankerbestrijding and The Heart Foundation. We give almost all our income to a happy, healthy and sporty Netherlands. Per year. In 2021, for instance, we could pay as much as €19.2 million. Thanks to our players, €188 million was granted to 18 charities, 77 sports associations and Dutch society. Together, we contribute to a happy, healthy and sporty Netherlands.

NOC*NSF and 77 sports associations: € 50 million and 18 charities: € 19 million and for Dutch society € 118 million.

What is the vision and strategy?

Dutch Lottery is the Netherlands' trusted number one gaming organisation with a strong brand. They offer the best customer experience for our players in draws, sports betting and, since 2021, online gaming.

We have done this in response to the opening up of the online gambling market, the accumulated knowledge of the market conditions, the increased clarity about the new and changing competition in this market and on the basis of the achieved progress on our long-term objectives during the year 2021. These long-term objectives are Respected and loved brand, market leader in lottery markets in casino and sports betting.

What will the most popular Dutch lotteries pay out in 2023?

The payout percentages of the six most popular lotteries are around:

  • State lottery 68.3%
  • Zip code Lottery 37.2%
  • Bankgiro Lottery 35%
  • Lotto 57.3%
  • Friends Lottery 35%
  • Lucky Day 50%

Donations 2023

April 30, 2023 - This year, the Dutch Lottery is supporting Dutch amateur soccer with €4,102,378. Prior to the final of the TOTO KNVB Cup in De Kuip, it was announced what amount the KNVB will receive. The KNVB is very happy with the support. According to Jan Dirk van der Zee, director of amateur soccer, the money is well spent: "We can pay more attention to women as coaches, managers and referees, but also address the lack of referees.

Cabinet considers privatising parent company State Lottery, Lotto and Toto

The Dutch cabinet is considering privatising Dutch Lottery, the parent company of the State Lottery, Lotto and Toto, among others. As owner of the gambling company, the government can directly address societal interests, such as protecting consumers, preventing gambling addiction and combating crime and fraud. A further exploration should clarify whether a sale of Dutch Lottery is "lawful, proportionate and feasible". The aim is to complete this study before the end of this year.

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