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Do you want to gamble in a (online) casino in Holland? Gamblingholland gives you answers for the best Dutch casino brands, news about legal online casinos and gambling in the Netherlands. We offer casino and lottery news, reviews, winner stories and information on games such as roulette, poker, slots and sports betting. Do you have news? Send your press release to us.

Is online gambling legal in the Netherlands?

Yes, online gambling is legal in the Netherlands. Since 1 October 2021, it has been legal to offer online gambling with a licence from the Gaming Authority.

The Netherlands was one of the last countries in Europe to take the step of legalising online gambling. The legislation regulating the activity, known as the Remote Gaming Act, or KOA, came into force in October 2021. Since then, companies can apply for licences from the Dutch Gaming Authority. There are now 24 licensed providers in the Netherlands. The majority of these licence holders have their legal gambling sites live.

Current gambling licences

  • 711
  • BET365
  • Betcity
  • Bingoal
  • Jacks
  • Kansino
  • Casino777
  • Betnation
  • LiveScore Bet
  • Unibet
  • ComeOn
  • One Casino
  • Circus
  • GGPoker
  • Tombola
  • Fair Play
  • Holland Casino
  • TOTO betting and sports
  • ZEbet
  • Bingoal
  • Goldrun


What games of chance are offered in the Netherlands?

Online casinos offer players the opportunity to gamble online in a safe way. There are hundreds, sometimes more than a thousand, different games of chance that can be played. Most gambling sites offer a wide range of gambling games. There are table games, casino games, scratch cards and sports betting.

Slot machine or fruit machine
Experience hours of gaming fun on nostalgic or new slot machines. Slots are still the most popular game in Dutch casinos. With reels, paylines and fruity valuable symbols, slot machines (familiar to players from pubs of yesteryear) are now also playable online.

Table games such as poker, blackjack and roulette
These table games are offered at casinos that have a gaming licence. You can play against the computer or in a live casino.

Scratch card
Scratch (online) cards? Players know almost immediately after purchasing a scratch card whether they have won something. Scratch cards are licensed by the Dutch Lottery.

Sports betting
Place bets at bookmakers and win cash prizes. Players can bet on various current odds such as football, Formula 1 or darts

How many Dutch people gamble online and what is spent?

In January 2023, the Dutch had a total of 859,000 active accounts with legal providers. This is an increase from the number in the previous report. These accounts are certainly not used to play every month; Monthly 365,000 players actually gamble. Most players have one account (57 per cent) and 22 per cent of them have four or more accounts.

Per player account less played in the previous period. Between October 2021 and July 2022, players lost an average of €153 per account per month. Between August 2022 and January 2023, this amount fell to €143.

Which Online Casino is allowed and legal to gamble in the Netherlands?

If the casino has a license you are allowed to gamble there. Which gambling sites are these can be found on our current licensing page. All other sites are not, even if they have a license from another country. Also crypto or bitcoin casinos are not allowed for gambling with crypto in the Netherlands. Mostly of this crypocasinos have a license for curacao, but this is not the same.

How safe are deposits and withdrawals at gambling sites?

Casinos and gambling in the Netherlands do not have a good reputation when it comes to payments. Our legislation keeps a close eye on gambling providers, and market forces (the reputation the casino has) ensure that most casino payments are simply safe. Furthermore, popular modern online casino payment methods such as iDEAL, credit cards and e-wallets are well encrypted against hacks, theft and identity fraud.

What is the most popular software provider?

There are plenty of software developers for casino games these days. The most popular in the Netherlands at the moment are Netent and Micgrogaming providers. They they are also one of the biggest suppliers in the field of video slots.

How is addiction prevented?

The Dutch find it important that gambling providers prevent gambling addiction. By law, online gambling sites must meet a set of requirements of a licensed provider. These requirements include:

  • Assessing a player based on their age; you should not play online if you are under 18. Moreover, it is believed that people between the ages of 18 and 24 are most likely to become addicted to gambling.
  • must demonstrate an understanding of addiction.
  • Fighting addiction with laws and policies
  • Participants are given information about the games they play from
  • Each game of chance requires a clear risk assessment.
  • It is necessary to register gaming behaviour and intervene if necessary.
  • Cruks connected them with 1 October.

Dutch land-based casinos

There are 14 casinos in the Netherlands; all of them are located in the Netherlands. Besides these official casinos, there are 275 gaming halls available for gamblers to play in. No table games can be found in these gaming halls; instead, slots and other automated games can be played there.

The Netherlands has six top casino chains, as shown below.

Holland Casino is a popular destination for gamblers.
There are 14 branches of Holland Casino in the Netherlands, the only mainland casinos in the country. The casino has been open for more than 40 years and is state-owned. It offers table games such as Blackjack and Roulette, as well as numerous slot machines.

Fair Play Casino is a great place to have fun.
There are more than 30 different Fair Play casinos for visitors to enjoy. Their popularity comes from the friendly staff, casual atmosphere and numerous slot machines and multiplayer games. If you enjoy going to Fair Play casinos, you have good news: there is almost always one near you.

Merkur Casino is part of the German Gauselmann Group and now has six branches in the Netherlands

Jack opened a casino shortly after he founded his company.
Jack's Casino is a major player in the Dutch gaming market. There are 26 casinos affiliated with this brand; they offer numerous gambling options at any location, including slot machines, roulette wheels and multiplayer games. Jack's Casino also hosts regular special events and promotions.

Krijco Casino is a popular gambling hub.
Krijco Casino originally had 14 branches; now only three remain: in Utrecht, Harderwijk and Den Bosch. Jack's Casino largely took over Krijco's branches; the two offer similar services. Krijco's offering consists mainly of classic slot machines.

Flash Casino offers many different games to play.
Flash Casino is a great place to hang out with friends. There are 14 of these establishments around the world. When you arrive, casino staff will welcome you and help you have a good time. You can choose from many slot machines in the casino, as well as roulette tables and multiplayer games.


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