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Gambling is very popular in Great Britain. Thanks to the thousands of British gamblers, online- and offline casinos make millions of revenue every year. However, according to professor Jim Orford the British gambling industry is ‘out of control’. He has been the founder of Gambling Watch UK, so his comments on a breakfast show might have a lot of impact. Orford even compares gambling to the use of drugs.

Gambling has become ‘normal’ in the UK

Professor Jim Orford talked about gambling with Julia Hartley-Brewer in a breakfast show. He said that gambling problems are just as big as the problems regarding the use of illicit drugs. Gambling has become so ‘normal’ in the last couple of years that it has ‘gotten out of control’, according to the professor. This has been caused by the fact that the gambling industry is now seen as just as normal as the entertainment industry, and this shouldn’t be the case.

Innovations in the casino industry United Kingdom

Innovations have led to a huge growth of the casino industry. Orford, who teaches psychology at the University of Birmingham as well, talks with fascination about it. Software developers have produced much more advanced and sophisticated slot machines, as well as online casino games. According to Orford, who teaches psychology at the University of Birmingham, no one expected this development twenty years ago.

Gambling addicts in the United Kingdom
Recently, Labour published a report with some shocking numbers about gambling addicts in the United Kingdom. Nowadays the total number of British addicts is 430.000, and 25.000 of them are 16 years or younger. After the research Labour called for a ban on advertisements during sports events. Orford absolutely agrees with the proposal. In the morning show he said that in-play betting is ‘dangerous’ and that children have to be protected more against a possible gambling addiction. So the proposal of Labour is the ‘very least they could do’, the professor said.

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