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In Belgium it has been possible to gamble at a regulated online casino since 2011. However, it is only possible to play at an online casino as a Belgian when the online casino is licensed by the gaming commission in Belgium.

Did you know that Belgium is one of the very few European countries that has legalized online gambling? The government put a new online gambling law into place in 2011. Since then the Belgian Gambling Commission gives permits to operators of online casinos. Players can only make an online gamble at places with a permit, and the rest is blocked. How does the system of Belgian permits for games of chance work exactly?

Belgium casino with license 2023

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Legal online casino's Belgium

Playing at a legal online casino has several advantages in comparison with a land-based casino or a gambling hall. First of all, it’s much easier to play at an online casino than a land-based casino or a gambling hall. You don’t have to leave your house to take a gamble. Instead just take your laptop, tablet or smartphone and visit an online casino like Unibet. Perfect when it’s raining outside.

No closing hours online casino

The fun about online casinos is that they don’t have closing hours. You have a chance to win a lot of money 24/7. It’s totally up to you when you like to play. Are you a real morning person? Then take a gamble in the early morning hours. Or try a game of Poker or Roulette in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep. There are enough games to choose, usually more than when you visit a land-based casinos. At some casinos new games emerge almost every day. So test your luck with popular slots, card games or table games online and perhaps your life will change forever!

Great Belgium bonuses

The bonuses of online casinos are amazing as well. Visitors of land-based casinos don’t get a bonus very often. The situation is different online though, where the casinos sometimes give you 100 or even 200 percent bonuses after a deposit. It also happens that you get a bonus without making a deposit! Take the bonuses at the following casinos, for example: Name of the casino What bonus do you get?

  • Betway 100 % up to 250 euros
  • Bwin 100 % up to 200 euros
  • Circus 100 % up to 250 euros
  • Golden Palace 100 % up to 500 euros
  • 777 100 % up to 7777 euros
  • Unibet 200 % up to 160 euros
  • Ladbrokes 200 % up to 300 euros

Illegal online casinos in Belgium

It’s illegal to play in an online casino without a permit of the Belgian Gaming Commission, whether you have the Belgian nationality or not. Some casino can be very seductive and place all kinds of logos on their website. They can also have games from software developers like MicroGaming and Playtech, but this is not always a proof of quality. It does create false security. Don’t fall for it! Kansspelcommissie (NL) from KSC_CJH on Vimeo. Don’t let yourself be tricked False casinos come from all over the world, but especially countries like Curacao, Costa Rica and Antigua are infamous for it. Even casinos from like Gibraltar and Malta aren’t always safe, although the rules are much stricter over there. Some casinos don’t care about the wellbeing of their customers. Some players simply don’t get your money after a win. It’s useless to file a report about it in Belgium because it’s your own responsibility if you take a gamble at an illegal casino. Try to prevent this by always checking if the online casino has a true permit. How to choose a great casino game? Nowadays people who love to gamble can choose between a wide variety of online casinos. It’s important to pick the best one, and this can be quite difficult. Always take a look at the games of the casino and the atmosphere. There are smaller online gaming halls with dice games, but very big online casinos with hundreds of slots as well. Pick the gaming style you prefer. Automatic games A casino with a permit usually offers two types of games with safe deposits and withdrawals. They’re divided in two categories, namely ‘automatic games’ and ‘table games’. There is no dealer involved when it comes to automatic games. A computer or a gambling machine is used instead, as well as an random number generator (RNG). Because of this generator a game offers every player a fair chance to win. Examples of automatic games are Keno and related versions, videoslots, reels, interactive Poker games and Wheel of Fortune. Strict requirements Automatic games are played with machines, so you can guess that there are strict requirements. For example, there are rules regarding the technical functioning and the minimum and maximum bets. Casinos also use a maximum loss per hour. The Belgian Gambling Commission only considers gambling machines as legal when these requirements are met.

List of casinos with an Belgium A+ permit

Always take a look at the permits when you pick a casino with great games, whether they’re automatic or table. There is a difference between an A+ and a B permit. Excellent casinos receive an A+ permit, which means that operators can establish a land-based and online casino. In Belgium there are only nine casinos who are allowed to do this, because this is required by the law. There are four casinos in the Wallonia region, four in Flanders and one in the capital of Brussel. Another name for this list is ‘Class I’: Permit Name of the casino Online casino A+65721 Casino of Dinant Ladbrokes A+8112 Casino of Chaudfontaine Star Casino A+20000 Casino of Brussels Betway A+20635 Casino of Namen Circus A+424838 Casino of Middelkerke Golden Palace A+8110 Casino of Knokke Napoleon Games A+8109 Casino of Blankenberge Unibet A+8085 Casino of Oostende Bwin A+20635 Casino of Namen PokerStars A+ 8104 Casino of Spa Casino777

Casinos lease their license to market leaders

Interestingly enough, many Belgian casinos have decided to ‘lease’ their license to a well-known international company. They have a simple reason for this actually. The casinos know that an international party will pay a lot of money and thus they will have more revenue than when they operate a legal online casino themselves. So there are 9 different licenses in Belgium that the Belgian Gaming Commission can issue and these are the following: 1) License A for gambling establishments class I: the casinos. 2) License B for gambling establishments class II: the slot machine arcades. 3) License C for gambling establishments class III: the drinking establishments. 4) Class D Permit: for personnel working in a casino, slot machine or betting office. 5) License E for the sale, rental, leasing, supply, provision, import, export, production and services of maintenance, repair and equipment of games of chance. 6) F1 license for organizers of bets. 7) License F2 for gambling establishments class IV: the betting offices. 8) License G1 for television games (bubble games). 9) License G2 for games of chance via other media such as radio games and games via the printed press. Online providers receive an A +, B + or F + license respectively, so these are online casinos, online arcades and online betting offices. Nine casinos are allowed in Belgium with A and nine online casinos with an A + license. You can visit a casino from the age of 21. You must register at the entrance (name, first name, profession and address, copy of the identity card, signature). An online casino requires a copy of this or the player will be checked against his national register number. The permit is valid for 15 years. There are both table games and automatic games. The average hourly loss is set at 70 Euro per play cabinet. Additional license for online casino games: A + license. Duration of permit A + is linked to the period of validity of the permit for the actual establishment. Prohibited for persons under 21 years old. A license for Ladbrokes There are many casinos who work together with big names in the casino industry.

For example, the casino of Middelkerke has leased its license to the British bookmaker Ladbrokes, a name that almost every casino player knows. The company has its main office in Gibraltar because of fiscal reasons. Ladbrokes is a big name in Belgium because it’s the market leader of sports gambling. Perhaps you’ve seen the small offices of Ladbrokes in large casinos. You can make a sports bet over here, which is great fun by the way! This company is also the operator of an online casino with slot machines of MicroGaming and PlayTech and an online Pokerroom. Betway offers more than sports betting alone One of the best places for sports betting is Betway. This British bookmaker has a license from the Casino of Brussels. Most Belgian players know it as the sponsor of the popular football club West Ham United. Beway offers more than just sports betting though, because it also operates an online casino with MicroGaming slots and online poker. Working together with Unibet and PokerStars Unibet is a familiar name when it comes to gambling. This Swedish company works together with the Casino of Blankenberge. A good choice of the casino, because Unibet is one of the leading gambling companies in Europe. It organizes several events and operaters and online gaming hall, online poker and online sports gambling in Belgium. Of course Unibet is not the only big name in gambling industry. You’ve probably heard of Poker Stars as well, which is actually the biggest poker website in the world. Thanks to the A+ license of the Casino of Namen you can legally try a poker game at PokerStars. Also interesting is the fact that PokerStars recently made an agreement with software developer NetEnt. Good news, because soon you’ll be able to try a slot machine at PokerStars as well.

Try your luck at Circus At the moment PokerStars only offers poker games, which doesn’t come as a big surprise if you see the name. However, in the near future it will probably develop its poker website into a real online casino. You better go to Circus if you prefer traditional casino games though. It leases an A+ license from the Casino of Namen. One of the great things about Circus is the wide variety of games. Perhaps you’re lucky with a dice game, for example. Its one of the games developed by the very best software companies, such as Playson, BetSoft and Greentube Novomatic. Napoleon Games: from the Bingo King to an independent casino Did you know that Belgian once had its own ‘bingo king’? His name was Willy Michiels and he was the proud owner of a bingo imperium. After years of success it was acquired by a Dutch investment fund named Waterland. Nowadays the imperium contains the Belgian Casino of Knokke and a legal online casino known as Napoleon Games. Napoleon is different than other Belgian casinos, because actually one of the very few that operates an online casino itself. So there is no international party involved. On one hand this is a good sign because Napoleon Games is independent. On the other hand, there is limited amount of games.

A great gaming experience at Casino777

A very well-known online casino is Belgium is Casino 777. Almost everyone has heard its known because of the television program ‘Roll It 2Night’, in which people can take a live gamble at a Roulette table. This is not the only amazing game of Casino777 though, because it also offers slot machines, dice games, table games and card games. The casino works together with great software developers such as NetEntertainment to offer you the very best gaming experience. What makes it even more fun is that you always receive a free registration bonus of at least 5 euros to try one of the Casino777 games. Legal online gambling at BwinCasino Last, but not least, there is BwinCasino. A while ago it merged with Party Gaming and changed its name into ‘Bwin.Party’. Online gambling is completely legal for Belgian players, so try your luck over there with a game of online Poker or online sports betting. Good luck!

Landbases Belgian casinos

There are a lot of Belgian casinos, but only a few offer the very best quality. Always make sure that you read the reviews of former customers, so that you know what to expect. Also use the following information about the casinos to make the best choice. Casino Viage Brussel As the name suggest, Casino Viage Brussel can be found in the capital of Belgium. It’s located in the heart of the city, near the market of Brussels and the Brouckère square. The building in which the casino is located has recently been renovated and looks amazing. So you’ ll definitely have a great time here!

Casino Spa

Did you know that the oldest casino in the world can be found in Belgium? It makes a visit to the Casino of Spa definitely worth it. This place was build in 1763 and became a success immediately. In 1769 a ballroom and theatre were added to the casino. Over the years several renovations took place, including one between 1980 and 1981. Casino Spa kept up with the times. Nowadays it also has an online version, which can be found at As a player you can enjoy several nice promotions, such as a 100 euro no deposit bonus and 50 free spins! Casino Namen One of the most popular Belgian land based casinos is located in Namen, the capital of Wallonia, near the Maas river. Over here you can have fun from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Try your luck with one of the slots, for example. Or have fun with Poker, Roulette or Blackjack in one of the great casino halls. These tables are closed until 2 p.m., but after that you can play as long as you want.

Casino Blankenberge

Belgium has several seaside towns, including Blankenberge. Besides a nice coastline, this city also has a great casino with several table games and slot machines. Casino Blankenberge open sits door daily from 11 a.m to 5 p.m. In the weekend and during the holidays the closing hour is 6 p.m. Casino Middelkerke Casino Blankenberge has a ‘sister’ named Casino Middelkerke. The casino isn’t well-known, but definitely worth a visit. The games and services are similar to those of Casino Middelkerke.

Casino Kursaal Oostende

One of the most popular casinos in Belgium is Casino Kursaal Oostende. You can find it in Flanders, in the northern part of the country. Oostende is known for its great coastline where a lot of people relax during the summer. Some of them try their luck in the casino, which offers some very entertaining games.

Casino Chaudfontaine

Casino Chaudfontaine is recommended as well. Interestingly enough, it’s located in a prestigious spa, just a 10 minute drive away from the city of Luik. The spa decor gives a magical feeling!

Casino Dinant

Players who are looking for some fun should definitely visit the ‘Grand Casino of Dinant’ in the Museuvalley in Belgium. This place is full of fairytales and magical castles! Besides that, if lucky you can win a lot of money with one of the casino games of Casino Dinant.

Casino Knokke

Do you like land-based casinos with a magic atmosphere? Then Casino Knokke is the place to be. It has a stunning play room where you can find the very best casino games, including 200 slots, Carribean Stud Poker and Blackjack.

Which casinos are on the blacklist of the BGC?

Online casinos must meet the strict requirements of the Belgian Gambling Commission. If a casino violates the rules, it might end up at the blacklist. It means that internet providers block the websites casinos. Recently it became clear that the Gambling Commission is still busy maintaining the blacklist, because it has added four new casinos to it. Which casinos are on the blacklist?

Don’t play in illegal casinos

It’s not a good idea to play in a casino that is part of the blacklist. Players who do this risk a fine up to 150.000 euros. So always read reviews and make sure that you choose a legal Belgian casino. You can also check the list of blacklist casinos in this article.

Smashing Casinos

The Game Tech Group is notorious in the casino industry. It owns several unreliable and illegal casinos. A couple of them are already on the blacklist of the Gambling Commission. A new name is Smashing Casino. For a while the illegal online activities were organized with ‘post box companies’ in Cyprus, Slovakia and on Curacao. Some of the casinos of the Game Tech Group are still online, including Bronze Casino, Split Aces Casino and Jelly Bean Casino. They’re not on the blacklist yet, but be careful when you make an account over here.

Goalbet en Middlebet

Some companies are very complex. One of them is GLB GMBH EOOD, which has a postal box in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. A part of this company is GLB International N.V, located on Curacao, which owns the websites Middlebet and Goalbet. These sites are a combination of an online casino and an online bookmaker. They have a license on Curacao, but this isn’t valid in Belgium. However, both websites still tried to attract Belgian gamblers. Because of this the websites got a place on the blacklist. GLB International N.V owns twelve illegal gambling websites in total. Besides Middlebet and Goalbet the following websites should not be visited: • Kazansana10 • Slot137 • PlayBet7 • Starbet33 • Arena-Bet • GoalBetInt • BetPepe • • SLBet


MyJackpot calls itself a Dutch ‘social casino’. It’s part of the Whow company. For some companies this is a way to escape the law. This is because of the fact that members of a social casino don’t play with money directly. They first have to buy credits. Only with these credits a game can be played. In the end the credits can be exchanged for real money. For a while MyJackpot tried to attract players with a marketing campaign. However, the Gambling Commission has put this to a halt and put MyJackpot on the infamous blacklist.

One Casino

One Casino is new on the blacklist of the Gambling Commission. It’s part of the Maltese company One Casino Limited. This company also owns Fruity Reels and Bondi Casino. One Casino did have a license from Malta, but this was not valid in Belgium. Although the owners were aware of this, they still provided games of chance to Belgian players. One Casino now has a place on the blacklist and will soon receive a fine.


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