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Gambling in Norway. Where could i found the beste Normay casino's on internet. And what are the rules and gambling tax in norway in online gambling.

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The controlled Norwegian Gaming Marketplace is stable, and it is covered with two condition owned companies, Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto , that have a nationwide monopoly on most from the market, including gambling and horse racing correspondingly. Additionally there's a personal lottery market including traditional lotteries and bingo. Broad political agreement prevails in Norwegian that cash games should be controlled to avoid undesirable gambling conduct. Any alterations in what the law states should be created by the Minister of Culture.

Norwegian Gaming and the Foundation Authority

adresse: P.O.Box 800, NO-6805 Førde, NORWAY



The Gaming Authority supervise and control all private and condition operated lotteries in Norwegian. We supervise and control gambling and horse racing. Gambling and horse racing are organized with the companies Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto, these getting a nationwide monopoly on gambling and horse racing correspondingly.

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For a number of other regulators/jurisdictions, Norwegian faces challenges regarding illegal mix-border marketing of foreign gambling online operators. This Year, Norwegian implemented payment-blocking to be able to stop money transfers between foreign gambling operators and Norwegian customers. The results of the measure continue to be evaluated. Norwegian is taking part in the expert group established through the European Commission based on the Plan Of Action for gambling online. The purpose of this is to explain the regulation on gambling online and enhance administrative corporation between member states.

Information about Nordic casino bonus offers

All of the casinos displayed here supports responsible gambling. This part of the site is dedicated to display deals from the best casino online gaming sites, that have either a focus on Nordic casino players, or where we have been able to work out a deal customized for our Nordic visitors.

Most online casinos are designed and tweeked to be a pleasant experience, no matter where you are located.

But some casinos are created,to target a specific country.

New casinos. The Nordic casino market has grown so big the last couple of years. New casinos popping up like mushrooms from the ground.

Many of the new casinos target the Nordic markets and the reason is the number of potential players, and the good economy in the Nordic countrys. People have money to spend and the casinos are lining up to get their piece.

With new casinos entering the market with welcome bonus deals, freespins and cashbacks, the established casinos have to spice up the regular promotions to match the new casinos. The casino player is the winner, and you could make hundreds of deposits, before you had to make a deposit,without a spectacular bonus.

We only display trusted casinos with the quality that Nordic players demand. Before you accept a deal, you should read the terms and conditions regarding the bonuses and freespins by yourself.

Report from Oslo Economics

Oslo Economics, a non-governmental agency, recently published a report stating that if the Norwegian government were to switch to the open market model like Denmark, this would lead to a loss of revenue. The consequence is that much less tax revenue will be collected. It may also lead to an increase in gambling activities. More gambling activities and gambling addictions are considered to be a major problem in Norway.

No local advertising

The report also states that the government's efforts to eliminate online gambling will be more successful if operators are not allowed to advertise locally. The restrictions also have a negative effect. According to the report, local broadcasters are losing up to 55.5 million dollar a year because they do not advertise online casinos. This means that the ability of local broadcasters to produce new content will be hampered, which in turn will affect related industries as well.

There are quite a few obvious benefits for Norwegians and playing at Norwegian casinos. We all know them as Norwegian casinos online, even though they are not operated from Norway at all. What makes these casinos Norwegian for us Norwegians is that the sites are in Norwegian, they offer customer service in Norwegian, they support payment methods that we Norwegians can use. -The latter is, as you may have already experienced, no self-evident.

We Norwegians are no different from the other nationalities in that we like good entertainment and we like to have the opportunity to choose for ourselves what good entertainment is in our own opinion. For many of us, playing at Norwegian online casinos is good entertainment and something we choose to relax and disconnect from everyday hustle. The fact that a casino is offered in our language makes us feel at home, and that customer service is Norwegian means that we have a greater opportunity to understand each other not only linguistically, but also culturally. We have grown up with the same laws and regulations, the same way of doing business, etc., so there is a greater chance that we more or less have the same concepts for what short payout time or free spins are.

Where do we find Norwegian online casinos?

It is not really that difficult to find the best casinos on the Internet that target the Norwegian market, you can see that quite quickly when you do a search on Google. No, the problem we often face is who is behind all these casinos that target the Norwegian market. They can be operated from countries where there is no legislation regulating the industry, and then you only have the casino to rely on. It is best to always go through a site like the one we have put together here, before opening an account and making a deposit at a casino you do not know. The absolute best thing is to make sure that someone who knows the industry has tested the casino and that they have, among other things, ensured that the casino has a license, preferably in a European country. - An added bonus of this is that premiums are tax free.

Our mission in the market for Norwegian casinos on tablets
We have set it as our mission to weed out the weeds for you. We plow through the crowd of new Norwegian online casinos and check what we consider to be elementary when operating in the Norwegian market and these are:

• That the casino's website is in Norwegian
• That customer service speaks Norwegian and most preferably are Norwegians
• That there are payment methods for the Norwegian market
• The payout time and general processing time for players' requests to the casino are within a time frame that can be considered acceptable on a Norwegian scale.

Once we have brought these things to the clean and otherwise also got a good impression of the casino then we will rank these in such a way that it will be easier for our readers to make safe choices.

What we also look at is of course, that they have a good selection of casino games that we Norwegians like, and a nice welcome pack with bonuses and lucrative deals.

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