Zeturf horcebetting

Zeturf horse racing was granted a gambling licence in the Netherlands in February 2022 for the provision of horse gambling. Zeturg is part of Zebetting and gaming.

ZEbetting & Gaming Netherlands BV to offer sports betting and betting on horse racing and hard-trials via the internet. ZEturf is not an unknown name in the Dutch gambling market. The gaming provider has been active as a provider of horse races for a long time. For this, a so-called 'totalisator licence' was issued by the Dutch Gambling Authority. For this reason, ZEturf is the only legal provider of bets on horse racing. The licence takes effect on 16 February and runs until 15 February 2027. ZEbetting & Gaming also has licences in Belgium and France, among other countries.

How to bet on horseracing at Zeturf?

The simplest and most popular bet. Ideal for the novice player.

Choose 1 horse. Predict which horse will cross the finish line first.
Payout: There is one payout for choosing the winning horse.

If many other bettors have bet on the winning horse, the profit will be low. This is because the pool in which you are betting is shared by many. If your horse wins and few other players have bet on this winner, your payout will be higher.

Combine this game type with : Winning horse or second, third or fourth place.

Minimum bet
The minimum bet is€ 1.00 and the minimum ticket value is€ 1.00. Bet on all races. If a horse played by you does not start, the bet is refunded.

Licence Zebet

The organisation of bets on the trotting and racing sport is regulated in Article 23, paragraph 2 of the Betting and Gaming Act. ZEbetting & Gaming
Netherlands BV (hereafter ZEbetting) is the only organisation in the Netherlands licence for the organisation of (physical) bets on the trotting and
racing.The licence to organise the totalisator has been issued to ZEbetting & Gaming Nederland BV by the Kansspelautoriteit under reference 10389 dated 29/06/2017. www.zeturf.nl | telephone number: 070-3380365 | postal address: Antwoordnummer 10074, 2280VB, Rijswijk.

About Zebet

ZEbetting & Gaming Nederland BV operates in the Netherlands under the brand name Runnerz and is part of Groupe ZEturf France. Runnerz is the sole licence holder in the Netherlands for the organisation (sale) of bets on domestic and foreign horse racing via the so-called totalizator method. The horse lotteries have been operated by Runnerz since 1998. In addition, you can bet on horses at sales outlets and at the trotting, racing and short tracks in the Netherlands.

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