Million hunt or Miljoenenjacht

Miljoenenjacht is a Dutch Postcode Lottery game show, broadcast on SBS6 and presented by Linda de Mol. Previously, the show was shown on TROS in Nederland 2, later on Talpa, then on RTL 4 from 2007 to 2019 and on SBS6 from autumn 2019.

Become a big winner with the Dutch Postcode Lottery and Miljoenenjacht! Perhaps you’re one of the many enthusiastic participants of Miljoenenjacht. In this special lottery draw you have a weekly chance on winning at least 5 million euros! It will obviously change your life forever, but the winning odds aren’t very high. Luckily, other prizes of Miljoenenjacht are great as well. Even if you don’t win millions of euros, we bet 10.000 or 100.000 dollars make you very happy as well! What is the Postcode Lottery all about?

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When will Miljoenenjacht be seen again on SBS6 in 2023?

This autumn, the new season of Postcode Lottery Million Hunt can be seen on SBS6! From 5 March, you will be on the edge of your seat every Sunday night for five weeks during Postcode Lottery Million Hunt. Studio candidates all have the chance to leave the studio as millionaires. This person will play the "Golden Suitcase Game" at the final table and can win up to €5 million in cash with the game.

All Postcode Lottery participants stand a chance

As a Postcode Lottery participant, you automatically stand a chance of winning the same prize money as the finalists in the studio during the Postcode Lottery Million Hunt. This amount could reach up to 5 million euros! So it doesn't matter if you miss an episode.

Postcode Lottery participants will automatically have a chance to win the same prize money as the finalists in the Million Hunt studio during the Postcode Lottery Million Hunt. This amount can reach up to €5 million! Neighbours playing with the winning postcode of the home winner will also share the same amount between them.

Do you also want a chance to win €5 million a week this autumn? Then play the postcode lottery now.

Win big prizes at the Postcode Lottery

The Postcode Lottery organizes 14 draws a year. Every draw is an exciting moment for hundreds of players. The big prizes definitely make it worth it to participate!. It’s possible to win 5000, 2.500, 5000, 10.000 and even 25.000 euros. Remember that you play if the payment for your tickets has been successfully collected. Did you receive a free lottery ticket? You need a written confirmation of your ticket numbers by post or e-mail. This lottery is known for its quality and has been organized for decades. It also has a license from the Gambling Authority. For more information you can also check the website of this lottery. It’s possible to end your subscription whenever you want.

Play for free with Miljoenenjacht

Miljoenenjacht, a part of the Postcode Lottery, now has a nice offer for you. You can play for free in this lottery until May.  After his month you pay automatically for just 13,25 euros per ticket.  The Dutch Postcode Lottery always organizes an exciting draw before the 8th day  of next month. It means that the draw of March 2018 takes place in April 2018, for example.  The 13th draw will be held on July 16th 2018, followed by the 14th draw on December 28, 2018. The first lottery draw in 2019 takes place on January 1st and starts at 10.00. Place to be is the Van Eeghenstreet 70 in Amsterdam. Hopefully you will win and have a great start of the new year!

Double your money

A great thing about Miljoenenjacht is that participants can also take part in the draw and the so called ‘StraatprijsVerdubbelaar’. The latter means that if your street wins a prize, the money is immediately doubled! For example, if your street wins 25.000 euros it will become 50.000 because of this doubling opportunity. This special offer is valid until April 12 2018, 12.00 a.m. Remember that you can only active 3 tickets for every bank or IBAN account. You don’t have to play with the StraatprijsVerdubbelaar if you don’t want to. Call the service team on the telephone 0900-300 1500 to let the lottery know you only want to participate in normal draws.

Do i have to pay tax when winning Miljoenenjacht?

Make sure that you always check the results after the monthly draw. These are publicized every 8th day of the month. Have you won a great prize? Congratulations! In a few days the money will be added automatically to your bank account. Be aware that you have to pay a gambling tax when the prize money is higher than 449 euros.    

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