Jantje beton lottery

The organisation Kleine Jantje Beton Loterij organises an annual draw in May or September. School groups are encouraged to participate in the draw by enabling sales through students at their door. This encourages children to spend time outside instead of playing video games at home. The draw will take place between 14 and 28 September in 2022.

What is the jantje beton lottery?

Since 1968, Jantje Beton has focused on improving play spaces for children and young adults. Their charity works with more than 350,000 children every year on projects and activities. In addition, Jantje Beton pays special attention to children in vulnerable positions, who are often affected by play. Our goal is to ensure that every child in the Netherlands has the opportunity to play every day. Children have less fun and play more than ever before. Playing is also considered the most important and beneficial part of life.


To participate in the Jantje concrete lottery, you need to...

Joining the Lottery is very simple. Every school that registers receives a Lottery box one week before the action period. This box contains all the necessary materials and an easy-to-follow plan for organising the lottery. Schools can sell tickets on their premises with permission from administrators. In addition, schools can sell tickets online through Tikkie you are it! Half of the proceeds from the form will be used for schoolyard games and other activities after the campaign period ends.

Playing outside is magical, healthy and fun. It is also the only thing more fun than exploring the world with friends. Unfortunately, almost a third of children do not play outside at all or only once a week. It is impossible for children in certain vulnerable positions to play. Participation in The Little Jantje Beton Lottery is therefore essential for schools. In this way, schools ensure that more children can play more: 50% of the proceeds go to the schools and 50% to Jantje Beton.

Who is the demand for?

Jantje Beton uses half of the proceeds from lottery tickets sold to secondary school students. This money is used for projects on playground equipment or activities. Every year, over 600 primary schools take part in the lottery, with around 60,000 pupils selling lottery tickets. The other half of the proceeds are given to the school to use as it sees fit.

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