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The Lotto Jackpot is the most frequently won jackpot in the Netherlands.The Lotto is more than fifty years old. It was introduced in the Netherlands in 1961. The basic rule of this lottery has always been the same. You win when your ticket numbers match with those that appear during the draw. 


Playing the Lotto is exciting, fun and very simple. Playing Lotto is very simple. You select 6 numbers between 1 and 45. This week's jackpot is €5,500,000. You can become a millionaire for as little as €2 per ticket.

Where to buy a offcial Lotto ticket in 2023?

Buy online ticket for the Lotto >

You will receive 10 free Lotto tickets with your subscription now!

Or buy your lottery tickets at 1 of our outlets. You can go to any of the many supermarkets, bookstores, petrol stations and tobacco shops. Such as:

  • Primera
  • Bruna
  • AKO
  • Cigo
  • Vivant
  • Albert Heijn
  • Jumbo

What can I win at the Lotto Netherlands in 2023?

What are the Lotto prizes? The highest Lotto prize you can win as a Lotto player is the Jackpot. The Jackpot this week stands at €3,100,000 and will increase by €200,000 per week if the Jackpot does not fall.

Who are big winners in 2023?

The Lotto XL top prize of €1,000,000 fell on 29 April 2023. The lucky winner from Eersel automatically plays Lotto every week and does so including Lotto XL.

A bigger chance to win at the Lotto

Everyone likes to win the Jackpot, but only a few are lucky enough. You do have a bigger chance to win now because Lotto doesn’t use six Jackpot colors anymore. This means that your chance to win the Jackpot is six times bigger! Of course the chance that you win one of the other prizes is more likely. Think about 100, 500 or 1000 euros, for example. This is the positive result of an extra draw of another number.

How to win the Lotto?

Not everything has changed and some parts of the Lotto have been the same for decades. Every lottery participant plays with 6 numbers, hopefully their lucky ones. These numbers are chosen out of a 1-45 range. You also need to have an extra number out of 39. If all these numbers match with those from the draw you’re the lucky Jackpot winner. You never have to work again, because the Jackpot is worth at least 2,5 million euros! Did you have a few matching numbers and the extra number? Then people can congratulate you too, because a few thousand euros are added to your bank account. Less good news is that the gambling tax is still in place. It means that you need to pay taxes for a prize about 449 euros.

How do you play Lotto?

Playing Lotto is very simple. You select 6 numbers between 1 and 45. This week's jackpot is €5,500,000. You can become a millionaire for as little as €2 per ticket.

Where can I buy lottery tickets for the Dutch lotto?

Online Through this website you can easily order your lottery ticket(s). You can access your lottery tickets anytime and anywhere.

Subscriber: Never miss a chance at the Jackpot again? Become a Lotto subscriber now. Every new subscriber receives a welcome gift or discount.

App: With the Lotto app, you can access your lottery tickets anywhere, anytime. Logging in is very easy with your fingerprint or Face ID.

Shop: Lottery tickets are on sale at supermarkets, tobacco shops, petrol stations and bookshops. There is always a point of sale near you.

What is Lotto XL?

Give yourself an extra chance of winning a large sum of money with Lotto XL! For just €1, you can add Lotto XL to your lottery ticket and have a chance to win up to €1,000,000 every Saturday.

The Lotto XL draw takes place after the regular Lotto draw on Saturday evening and you play with the same 6 numbers.

What is Super Saturday?

There are two Super Saturday draws with the Lotto. Every last Saturday of the month is a Super Saturday at the Lotto. There are not just one, but two Lotto draws. Do you play in both draws? Then you have a double chance of winning the Jackpot and you could also win the Super Saturday prize of €50,000.

Where to buy a Lotto ticket?

The changes make participating in the Lotto very tempting. You can buy tickets at the store or online. A ticket costs 2 euros and if you really like to participate taking a subscription is a very good idea. In that case you take place in multiple draws.

Play with more numbers in the Lotto System
Did you know that it’s also possible to play with more than six numbers? Only the so-called ‘Lotto System’ offers this possibility. In that case you play on saterday with at least seven numbers, up to 12. You can pick your favorite numbers yourself. Choose your birthday or lucky number, for example. If you find it too difficult to choose, the computer can do it for you as well. You play with all the possible combinations of your numbers. This is made possible by the computer, which uses the amount of numbers you’ve chosen to calculate the amount of Lotto tickets. It’s interesting to know how many tickets you get for a certain amount of numbers. Take a look at the following scheme:

Prize categories, lottery tickets and numbers: an overview
Lotto has six prize categories in total. You win the most when you end up in the sixth and highest category, and less in the lowest category. Of course the winning odds are different in every category. The winning odds depend on two factors, namely amount of numbers you have and the lottery tickets. The odds are different when you’ve have 9 numbers and 84 tickets than with 11 numbers and 462 tickets, for example. Use the following scheme and find out what your winning chances are, depending on the numbers and lottery tickets:

Take a gamble with Lotto 4/5
Lotto organizes several exciting games. It’s one of the reasons for its popularity, because every game gives you a chance to win money. Take Lotto 4/5 for example. 4/5 game forms are only sold in the store by the way. During this lottery game you can participate with four or five numbers. Pick these numbers yourself or let the computer do the work. You can also choose your own bet between 1,50 euros and 22,50 euros. Take a look at your budget and never spend more money than you can miss. This game uses 45 balls in total and 6 them are drawn. Your prize money is determined by the amount of matching numbers and your bet. Unlike the standard Lotto draw, there’s no extra number. Always take a look at the prize scheme of a lottery game before you start playing. The prize scheme of Lotto 4/5 is as follows:

When you play with five numbers:
How many correct numbers out of five? What do you win? Winning odds
Five Your bet x 8000 1:203.262,50
Four Your bet x 400 1:2.088,44
Three Your bet x 20 1:82,44

When you play with 4 numbers:

How many correct numbers out of four? What do you win? Winning odds
Four Your bet x 2000 1: 9.933,00
Three Your bet x 50 1:191,02

What are the most frequently drawn Lotto numbers?

Most drawn Lotto numbers
Are you trying your luck with these numbers?

27- 16- 21- 30- 18

What are the Least Drawn Lotto numbers?

Lotto numbers drawn
24- 23 - 35 - 10 - 5

How do I cancel my lotto subscription?

You can cancel in three ways: by phone, in writing and online. Below is the most important information to consider before making your choice.

How would you like to cancel?

By phone:
The fastest and easiest way to cancel is by contacting our customer service team on 070 - 550 08 06 (normal call charges). We will then process your cancellation immediately. More information

Write to our Customer Service (Customer Service Lotto, PO Box 818, 2700 AV Zoetermeer) with the necessary details. Please allow approximately 10 working days processing time.

The quickest way to cancel online is to log in and your cancellation will be processed immediately. can't log in? Then use the cancellation form. Allow about 5 working days processing time.

How do I change my subscription?

Play fewer lotteries, stop playing Lotto XL or change your numbers? You can easily change your subscription via My Lotto. Log in to My Lotto and change your subscription to suit your needs.

Lotto is part of Dutch Lottery

Since 2016, Lotto has been part of Dutch Lottery. We are the largest gaming organisation in the Netherlands and organise nine different games of chance: Lotto, Staatsloterij, Eurojackpot, Miljoenenspel, Lucky Day, Krasloten, TOTO Winkel, TOTO Casino and TOTO Sport. Our aim is to contribute to a healthier and sportier Netherlands.

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