The European Union has his advantages and disadvantages. It’s definitely a subject to discussion among people. Everyone agrees that lottery players benefit from the union. National lotteries all over Europe work together to make one big lottery possible: the Eurojackpot. It contains the biggest Jackpot in Europe and you have a chance to win it.

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Eurojackpot participants all over the country
The Eurojackpot is well-known all over the continent. Very special if you consider the fact that it was established just a couple of years ago, in 2012. The lottery has expanded a lot and its popularity has grown. Currently there are eighteen participating nations, namely Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Iceland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

Choose your favorite number
The simple rules are an important reason for the popularity of the Eurojackpot. Participants buy a ticket with 50 numbers in total. They have to choose 5 main numbers out of it, as well as two bonus numbers out of 10. As a player you can decide the numbers yourself. You’re your birthday for example, or favorite number. All numbers have to match with the numbers that appear during the draw. If this is the case, you can call yourself a millionaire.

How to buy a Eurojackpot ticket?

It’s very easy to buy tickets for the Eurojackpot. They’re available online and in most tobacco stores and kiosks. It feels great to buy a ticket online when it’s bad weather outside. Luckily you pick your favorite numbers from the comfort of your own home. It feels great that you can choose your own five numbers and bonus numbers. Some people find it difficult to choose random numbers. There is a computer available that choses the ticket numbers automatically.

Low ticket prizes
The low ticket prize is also a reason why people love Eurojackpot. A single ticket only costs 2 euros, so it’s even cheap to buy multiple tickets. It doesn’t cost much, but it increases your winning chances. You’re definitely not the only player doing it. Perhaps you’ll be convinced by the fact that you only need to have three correct numbers and two bonus numbers to win. The exact amount of prize money is not known beforehand. It depends on the number of tickets that were sold and the number of people that have chosen the winning combination.
Lotteries and probability calculation
Anyone who wants to become an excellent gambler should know something about probability calculation. The basic principle of a lottery is that a lot of people buy a ticket to participate. Lottery winners are with the money of all the participants. Everyone wants to be a winner, but this happens only to a few. This because of the simple fact that the winning odds of the Eurojackpot lottery are low, namely 1:95.344.200. How more people participate, how lower the winning chances are. Past Jackpots have proven that nothing is impossible though. Besides that, the chance to win one of the other is much higher. Eurojackpot has twelve prize categories in total. The highest categories contain the most money. The chance that you win one of the prizes of the other categories is 1:42.

Twelve prize categories
Nobody knows for sure if he or she is going to the win the Jackpot. Not even those who have a ‘feeling’ can be sure until the draw takes place. This explains the popularity of the lottery. It’s exciting and no one knows what is going to happen. Eurojackpot has twelve categories with all kinds of prizes, from high to low. The highest prizes can be found in the upper categories. Other good news is that the lottery also pays out at least fifty percent of the lottery tickets revenue.

Lucky Eurojackpot winners from three countries

Germany and the Czech Republic are certainly not the only countries with big Eurojackpot winners. Just recently the winning number fell on a lottery ticket in the Dutch city of Rotterdam! It was worth a stunning 90 million euros. The Dutch winner wasn’t the only lucky one this time though. He had the same winning combination as two other persons, from Denmark and Germany. So this Jackpot did not knew any boundaries and shows exactly why Eurojackpot is so great. Every lucky winner got 18 million euros each.

Amazing Jackpot
This European lottery is known for its amazing Jackpot. It contains a minimum amount of 10 million and will increase over time if there’s no hit. Since the prize of one Eurojackpot ticket is just two euros, it’s definitely worth trying! The number combination is always completely random and a participant can make his or her own combination. This is why a Jackpot hit does not take place every week. This has a positive consequence as well. Without a hit the Jackpot is worth millions more next week and even more after that.

How many times has the 90 million Superjackpot fallen?

Sometimes a Jackpot hit does not take place for years. Eventually you can feel the tension and excitement in the air. The maximum Eurojackpot is an incredible 90 million euros! It’s hard to imagine all the things you can do with so much money. Did you know that this Superjackpot has fallen three times in the history of this lottery. One time a player from Finland was the lucky winner, and the other two times persons from Germany and the Czech Republic became millionaires in an instant. It comes as no surprise that the Eurojackpot is very popular in Germany. It’s one of the European countries with the most winners. Perhaps you’re the next one in the list of winners. One day you’re a normal lottery participant, and the next day incredibly rich. As Forrest Gump once said: ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!’.

When does the Eurojackpot draw takes place?

The Eurojackpot draw takes place every week, on a Friday. Place to be is the Finnish capital Helsinki. Make sure that you’ve bought a ticket on time. The selling of Eurojackpot tickets always ends at Friday at 19.00. At that moment every participating country collects the sale numbers and gives it to the control center in Germany. Then go home and take place in front of your television. At 21.00 the EuroMillions take place, an exciting moment! It is broadcasted in many countries and usually attracts millions of viewers.

When do you have a match?
EuroJackpot uses two machines and 50 little balls to draw the five winning numbers. It uses a special system that blows the balls in a direction. They’re shaken randomly and then appear. Hopefully the winning combination matches with those on your ticket! In that case a nice prize will be yours. However, you only win the Jackpot if there’s a match with the two bonus balls as well. The lottery makes sure that the draw is always fair. It can only continue if strict procedures are met. There is in official Finnish supervisor at the place in Helsinki, as well as the Finnish police.Check the results
You can watch the official result of the Eurojackpot draw at 22.00. Have you missed the It’s also possible to see the results at NOS Teletekst, page 554. Are you still not sure about the results? Then visit your lottery ticket seller and let him or her control the numbers.

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