Care a lot

Care-a-Lot is a lottery that raises money for sustainable healthcare in the Netherlands. We offer our players a fun gaming experience while supporting causes and organisations that want to make big changes in healthcare. With Care-a-Lot, you know exactly where your money is going every month. The Care-a-Lot lottery offers a minimum grand prize of € 1,000,000 and many other great prizes in every draw.

Care-a-Lot is a new lottery with a unique basis. First of all, as a participant you can win great prizes. The main prize is more than 1 million euros! Second, every participant of this lottery supports the goal or organization of their choice on a monthly basis.

The Care-a-Lot health lottery has a large prize pool with nice cash and goods prizes every draw. This beautiful prize pool grows along with the number of lottery participants. This way we make sure that you have a chance to win of about 1 in 5 per Care-a-Lot number every draw! This ratio will never decrease and can only grow.

Draw and prizes Care-a-Lot

There are 12 draws per year (1 per month) and tickets cost only € 5 per draw. Click on the Play along button to play Care-a-Lot! Everyone can play. Choose the charity or organisation you want to support, decide how many tickets you want, fill in your details and pay €5 per ticket per draw. You can stop playing at any time and as long as you participate in the Care-a-Lot lottery your ticket will contain 2 letters and 6 numbers. We will email your Care-a-Lot lottery ticket number to you. Prior to each draw we collect money from people who play for a cause or organisation. If your collection is successful, you support the charity or organisation you played for and have a chance of winning some great prizes.

Charities Care a lot
A part of the money you donated is set aside for the organisation/charity immediately when you play and the rest is collected about two weeks before the draw. With Care-a-Lot you can let your favourite charity know how your contribution helps their great work. The other part of your investment goes to the prizes and a small part goes to the company that runs Care-a-Lot.

How many draws does Care-a-Lot organize?

Care-a-Lot is a new lottery, but the winning changes attract a lot of players. It’s 1 out of 5 per lottery ticket, which is not bad at all. You can participate in 1 draw per month, so there are 12 draws in total.



How to play Care-a-Lot?

Playing with Care-a-Lot is very easy. The only thing you need to do is to click on the ‘Play along’ button. Decide how many lottery tickets you want, fill in your details and choose the goal or organization you want to support.

How much does a ticket cost?

Perhaps you really like to participate because of the great winning chances. Luckily a lottery ticket per draw only costs 5 euros and you can stop whenever you want.

Personal Care-a-Lot ticket

A Care-a-Lot ticket is unique and consists of two letters and six digits. It’s valid as long as you play along. Every participant receives their personal Care-a-Lot lottery ticket number by e-mail. The lottery will collect your contribution about two weeks prior to a draw.

You kill two birds in one stone

With this lottery, you kill two birds in one stone: on one hand you have a chance to win great prizes, on the other hand you support your goal or organization directly. With every draw, a part of your deposit will be reserved directly for the goal or organization you are playing for.

How will your contribution be used?

Through Care-a-Lot, your favorite goal or organization will keep you informed about the impact of your contribution on the amount of good work they do. The other part of your contribution will be used for the prizes and a small part for the organization. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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