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EuroMillions is a popular European lottery. It’s organized by the National Lottery, which cooperates with several lotteries from European countries like the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, France, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and Luxembourg. Because this lottery is organized in so many countries, it is also called the Euro lottery.

The rules of EuroMillions are quite simple, which is one of the reasons why lottery players absolutely love it. As a player the numbers and stars on your ticket need to match with the numbers and stars that appear during the draw. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about EuroMillions!

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The draws are held every Tuesday and Friday in 2023. Ticketprice € 5,50

Euromillions draws & results 2023

Every Tuesday and Friday there is a new Euromillions draw you have a new chance to win EuroMillions twice a week. All you have to do? Get your entry validated no later than 8pm on the day of the draw!

When did the very first EuroMillions draw take place?

The very first EuroMillions draw, a joint organisation of 3 participating lotteries in France, Spain and England, took place on Friday 13 February 2004. The Belgian National Lottery entered the EuroMillions group on 8 October 2004. In Holland you can not buy a ticket, only for the Dutch Eurojackpot.

Can you play EuroMillions in the Netherlands?

It is illegal to buy lottery tickets from foreign lotteries in the Netherlands. Only lotteries with a Dutch licence are allowed to offer their tickets in the Netherlands. EuroMillions does not have a licence in the Netherlands. Eurojackpot, for example, is.

Where can you buy EuroMillions tickets?

EuroMillions lottery tickets are not available to buy in physical shops in the Netherlands. However, in the Netherlands you can buy the lottery tickets online through the Belgian National lottery. If you want to buy the lottery tickets physically, you will need to go to a point of sale in Belgium. They do sell the Euro Millions lottery tickets from a shop.

How do you become a participant of EuroMillions?

To become a participant of EuroMillions, you have to buy a ticket in a store or online. On the ticket you pick five numbers and two stars per grid. You can play for 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 consecutive draws. A EuroMillions ticket isn’t expensive. For each completed schedule you have pay to € 2.50. It’s also possible to buy a multiple EuroMillions form. This means that you can play for multiple draws, which is a great option for someone who doesn’t want to miss one single draw!

How many different types of Eurolottery game forms are there?

You can play EuroMillions with two types of forms: The classic EuroMillions form and the multiple form. The classic EuroMillions form is the single form. On this form you can fill in up to six schedules. The price per grid is € 2.50. With the multiple form you can pick up to 10 numbers or 12 stars.

How much does a EuroMillions game combination cost?

With a single form, a combination of 5 numbers and 2 stars costs 2,50 euros. This prize includes the automatic participation in the Belgian national My Bonus game, worth 0.30 euros for each draw. The code for the My Bonus game is automatically added when you play a combination of games, which is known as a ‘grid’.

When are the EuroMillions draws held?
The draws of the EuroMillions take place twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, including public holidays. During the special occasion 5 numbers are drawn from 50 balls that are numbered from 1 to 50 and 2 stars from 12 balls that are numbered from 1 to 12. The draws are conducted under the supervision of a bailiff or an independent auditor to ensure that they are conducted correctly.

Can you attend a EuroMillions draw?
The EuroMillions draws are broadcast every Tuesday and Friday around 11 p.m. and can also be viewed at or in the National Lottery app. However, it’s not possible to attend a draw of EuroMillions. The Euro Millions draw on Tuesdays and Fridays takes place in Paris and is not open to the public (this draw is organised by La Française des Jeux).

How much can you win with EuroMillions?
The amount of money you can win with EuroMillions depends on the profit ranks you end up in. If you have a ticket two winning numbers you will already be among the winners, so hopefully luck is at your side!

How much is the minimum EuroMillions Jackpot worth?
The minimum amount of the EuroMillions Jackpot is 17 million euros for both Tuesday and Friday draws. Incredible! If no one has the 5 numbers and 2 stars correctly, the Jackpot rises for the next draw. So the jackpot can quickly reach huge amounts.

What does EuroMillions mean with ‘My Bonus’?

‘My Bonus’ is an electronic draw held during the EuroMillions draw and is organised by the National Lottery, exclusively for Belgian players. It’s automatically chosen for every combination. ‘My Bonus’ gives you an extra chance to win every week. Every week 200 players are lucky enough to win 500 euros on Tuesday, while 400 players take home 500 euros on Friday. There are also a lot of small winners, who receive 10 or 20 euros for example.
What do the My Bonus codes on my EuroMillions game ticket mean?
For each EuroMillions schedule, the National Lottery randomly picks a unique code that will be given to you on your lottery ticket. As an e-lotto player you will find his code in your game history. If you have played with several rosters, a series of codes will appear on your game ticket.

Is the My Bonus code useful for EuroMillions draws in all European countries?
Absolutely! Every year, during several special EuroMillions Millionaires draws, 25 European winners also have a chance by to win € 1,000,000 besides the giant Jackpot. If there is no winner in Belgium, the National Lottery will organise an electronic My Bonus draw with all the Belgian My Bonus codes. This guarantees that one person in Belgium will win 1 million euros!

What is the Joker+?
Do you like to win even more? Then you probably ligt Joker+. This is an additional game in which every EuroMillions player can participate. You get a combination of 6 digits and can choose a constellation as well. With the Joker+ you have a chance of 3.88 on a win for a bet of just 1.50 euros.

What is the ‘Replay’ option?
Did you know that it’s possible to try another game with the same number combinations on your EuroMillions ticket? This option is known as the ‘Replay’, which applies to all EuroMillions tickets. It doesn’t matter if you have a single or multiple form. The numbers and the Joker+ combinations are identical to what is on your original ticket. ‘Replay’ can only be used once per game ticket. Let the manager of your point of sale know when you want to use the Replay option. However, be aware of the fact that the Replay function is only available for one week from the draw date ion the game ticket.

Will the Jackpot be divided among the winners?
The Eurolottery Jackpot is awarded to the winners of rank 1, namely all players who have marked the 5 correct numbers and the 2 correct stars. The Jackpot is divided equally among the winners with the correct combination. You can also subscribe to the EuroMillions newsletter to be kept informed of the size of the Jackpot at each draw. You can subscribe at
Where can I find the amount of the next EuroMillions Jackpot?
You can find the amount of the next EuroMillions Jackpot on the screens of the National Lottery sales outlets. It’s also possible to visit the websites of the National Lottery: and

What are my winning chances as a EuroMillions player?

Perhaps you think that the chance of winning EuroMillions is small. You never know if luck is at your side. Since EuroMillions was launched in 2004, the National Lottery already had several Belgian winners. Some of them won a lot, others small amounts of money. Still nice! Of course everyone wants to know his or her winning chances with EuroMillions. Use the following table to your advantage:
Which rank? How many numbers are correct? How many stars are correct? What are your winning chances?

  • First 5 numbers 2 stars 139.838.160,00
  • Second 5 numbers 1 star 6.991.908,00
  • Third 5 numbers 0 stars 3.107.514,67
  • Fourth 4 numbers 2 stars 621.502,93
  • Fifth 4 numbers 1 star 31.075,15
  • Sixth 3 numbers 2 stars 14.125,07
  • Seventh 4 numbers 0 stars 13.811,18
  • Eigth 2 numbers 2 stars 985,47
  • Ninth 3 numbers 1 star 706,25
  • Tenth 3 numbers 0 stars 313,89
  • Eleventh 1 number 2 stars 187,71
  • Twelfth 2 numbers 1 star 49.27
  • Thirteenth 2 numbers 0 stars 21.90

When is it possible to have my number combinations validated to participate in a draw?
It’s possible to validate your game combinations every day of the week and 24 hours a day. This also includes Sundays and public holidays. Remember that some shops have opening hours. Always check the opening hours, because some places are also open at night or on Sundays, like petrol stations.

What is Multi Quick Pick at Eurolottery?

Perhaps you’ve seen the ‘Multi Quick Pick option’ of EuroMillions. It means that you can with EuroMillions, Lotto and Joker+ for a week. The fun thing is that you only have to buy a ticket once. There are several Multi Quick Pick packages, up to eight draws. You can choose your own bet amount, whether it’s 10, 20 or 30 euros. 

Can the Jackpot continue to rise endlessly?
Sadly, the Jackpot cannot continue to rise endlessly. As long as there is no winner in rank 1, the Jackpot will rise with every draw. Nevertheless, there is a maximum amount for the Jackpot called ‘the ceiling’, which is currently set at 190 million euros. Once that ceiling has been reached, the portion of the Jackpot that exceeds this maximum amount will be given to the first lower rank, which contains at least one winner.

What it there’s still no Jackpot hit?
If the Jackpot contains 190 million euros five consecutive times, and there is still no winner in the first rank in the fifth draw where the Jackpot contains 190 million euros, the Jackpot will be divided among the winner(s) of the rank for which there is at least one winner in that fifth draw. In that case, the normal winnings will be added to that rank.

How is the Jackpot amount calculated?
The Jackpot amount is calculated very precisely. 50 percent of the bet amounts recorded for each draw by all participating lotteries are meant for the winnings of that draw, and a part is given to the so-called "Reserve Fund". The very first Jackpot of a EuroMillions play cycle always has a starting amount of 17 million euros. The Reserve Fund is used to draw the amount required to reach the 17 million euros. Perhaps the following schedule makes you understand this system better.

Number of draws in the cyclus Percentage given to the first rank Percentage given to the Fund
From draw 1 to 6 43.20 percent 4.8 percent
From draw 7 until the last draw of the cyclus 27 percent 21 percent

What makes EuroMillions a great lottery?

EuroMillions is a very popular European lottery game. Players from several European countries take part in a co-ordinated lottery game with amazing Jackpots. How do you become a successful EuroMillions player?

How do you become a EuroMillions player?
Becoming a EuroMillions player is really easy. First you have to buy a ticket in a store or online. Then you must choose five numbers from 1 to 50 and two so-called Lucky Star numbers from 1 to 12. Choose your favorite number or birth date, for example.
How do you buy a EuroMillions ticket?
Buying a EuroMillions ticket online is done in just a few clicks. That’s not the only advantage of playing online. On the website you will always find information about the latest draw. You can also safe and play your numbers automatically in your online account. Your numbers will be automatically checked. It can’t be any easier!

Buy your ticket on time
Make sure that you buy your EuroMillions ticket on time. You cannot do this right before the draw starts. Tickets for this lottery are sold until 7.30 p.m and tickets for the next draw can be bought after 7 a.m the next morning. Also good to know is that the online ticket selling closes at 7.25 p.m.
How to choose your ticket numbers?
Perhaps you find it hard to choose your own numbers. Or you could be in a rush. In that case ‘Quick Pick’ might be a better option. It means that a National Lottery Agent, someone who sells EuroMillions, chooses your numbers. You can mark the so-called ‘Quick- Pick Box’ in the panels on your ticket. The Quick Pick numbers are always randomly chosen.

What is the Quick Pick option?
Each line for EuroMillions costs 2.50 euros and you have to play at least one line per draw. There are several ways to play a minimum of one line. Choose your numbers (1 to 50) and two Lucky Stars numbers (1 to 12) yourself or use the Quick Pick option. Click on the QP button for the latter. It’s also possible to select your last ticket (the My Last Ticket option) or choose your favorite number out of a list of saved favorite numbers.
When does the EuroMillions draw takes place?
Make sure that you’re sitting in front of your television on Tuesday and Friday when the EuroMillions draw takes place. EuroMillions is popular for a reason. Not only because buying a ticket is easy, but also because of the amazing Jackpots that have a minimum of 17 million euros.

What prizes can you win with EuroMillions?
You can win great prizes with EuroMillions. An overview that might inspire you to participate:

Matching numbers Lucky Stars What do you win?
5 2 Minimum Jackpot of 17 million euros, can increase
5 1 Prize amount varies, depending on the prize pool and number of winners.

Advantages of your online account
It’s possible to use the same EuroMillions numbers for several draws. If you were lucky with numbers like 5,9 and 13 last time, why not use them again? Just keep your lottery ticket in a good place. A big advantage of your online account is that your last played numbers will be remembered automatically. It’s also possible to safe your favorite numbers. So use them and go for it!

Exchange ticket
Advance Play’ always includes the next EuroMillions draw and the EuroMillions Plus draw if you want to. Have you won a prize? Congratulations! Claim your prize in the usual way. Lucky players, hopefully you’re one of them, receive an exchange ticket to cover any draws that are left on your ‘Advance Play’.

What happens when you win a prize?

Hopefully luck is at your side. Did Lady Fortune pay you a visit? Then EuroMillions will send you an e-mail about your winnings. It’s also possible to receive an e-mail from EuroMillions with the draw results. Always keep your ticket in a safe place. It’s the only proof that you’ve won a prize. We wish you the best of luck!

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