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Lucky Day is an exciting daily game of chance that you can join every day for a chance to win big or small prizes. The great thing about Lucky Day is that you determine your own chances of winning up to 300,000x your stake! You play by choosing 1 to 10 numbers from 80 numbers. Your chances of winning depend on the number of numbers chosen. Next, you decide the amount you want to play with. This is possible from as little as €1.50 up to a maximum bet of €22.50. The number of chosen numbers you guessed correctly determines how many times you earn your stake back.

Luckyday is part of the Dutch lottery. You can play Lucky day every day. The draw takes place daily at 18:00. The concept is actually whether today is your lucky day to participate. So play along with Lucky Day! With a deposit of €1.50 you can win €450.000.

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How can you play Lucky Day?

Determine your own chance of winning
You can play with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 lucky numbers. You determine the chance of winning by choosing the number of numbers yourself. However, the more numbers you play with, the higher the prize.

  • Choose your own lucky numbers
  • Choose your own numbers from 80.
  • Choose your own win amount

You can play from € 1.50 per ticket, up to a maximum of € 22.50. But, the higher your deposit, the higher your winnings!

What were the most frequently drawn Lucky Day numbers in 2022?

Lucky Day number 54 was the most frequently drawn in 2022. In 2022, Lucky Day number 54 was the most frequently drawn ball of the year. It was dropped 114x. It is closely followed by numbers 13 (110x) and 77 (109x)

Least drawn Lucky Day numbers

66x | 17
68x | 14 & 32
69x | 41
74x | 11 & 34
78x | 28

Bonus game

Want to win up to 10 times your prize? It is possible with the Bonus Game. With this extra option of Lucky Day your prize can be paid 1 or 10 times. Playing with Bonus Game costs the same as your deposit.

The Lucky Day Bonus game is an extra game element in the well-known Lucky Day game. You can decide whether you want to play. By playing the Lucky Day Bonus game, you can multiply your Lucky Day profit by up to 10x. After the regular Lucky Day drawing, the drawing of the bonus game will take place. There are 51 new balls in the machine, from which the notary draws 1.

What does playing Lucky Day entail?

Start believing in your luck by participating in Lucky Day. If you already have a specific car you want, play along with your heart's ideas and buy that new ride! Investing $1.50 gives players the chance to win $450,000. Play right away!

How much does the game cost to play?

You can play Lucky Day for €1.50 per ticket per draw. You can also play the game via the shop or the internet and both options increase your prize amount by wagering more money. You can play for up to €22.50 per Lot per draw. You can increase the amount you win by increasing your investment. You can also participate in the bonus game through the shop and internet by paying the same for it as your Lucky Day deposit. You have to pay €6 for each draw if you play for €3. This includes a €3 payment for the bonus game. Your maximum bonus game deposit is €4.50 per draw.

What can I win?

When you play with Lucky Day, you can see what prizes are possible while playing. Each combination has a different chance of winning; the number of numbers chosen also changes the outcome chances.

What will confirm that I have won the prize?

At 6pm, the Netherlands Lottery headquarters in Rijswijk organises a Lucky Day draw under the supervision of a notary. Everyone attending the draw will receive the results at 7pm. For verification of older lottery tickets, check the lottery checker.

Every day from 7pm, the Lucky Day website publishes the results of recently drawn lottery tickets. You can also use the lottery checker to verify the results of older lottery tickets.

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