Illegal casino's in Holland

Online unlicensed casinos will not be allowed to operate since 1 October 2021. Instead, people have to play at a licensed company. Since accounts at companies that allow gambling are now closed, you can no longer gamble there. The Dutch government wants us not to gamble in an illegal casino.

Why does the government want us not to gamble in an illegal casino?

The government grants gambling providers licences so that they can regulate their operations and tackle problems such as fraud and addiction among their customers. Moreover, these licences are required for providers of online lotteries and sports betting.

Dutch people sometimes gamble in the casino, play lotteries or bet on football matches. However, many people struggle with gambling when it leads to financial problems. After playing for a long time, participants bet huge sums of money. This sometimes leads to financial problems or gambling addiction.

Which illegal casinos were fined in 2024?

There remain unlicensed casinos that target Dutch players or allow Dutch gamblers on their sites. The following gambling sites have been fined by the Gaming Authority.

  • Probe Investments Limited- 3 March 2023
  • Betpoint Group Limited on 3 March 2023
  • N1 Interactive Limited on 3 March 2023
  • Fairload Limited
  • Equinox Dynamic N.V. & Domiseda and Partners s.r.o. on 9 February 2023

Dutch illegal list of 2024

At this casinos it is not allowed to play from dutch Ip internet adress

Can gambling take place in an unlicensed casino?

The Gaming Act clearly states that placing a bet through a game of chance is illegal. Many casino review sites and websites falsely state that placing a bet through slots is legal.

Section 1A of the Gaming Act states that participants cannot compete for prizes or premiums if this involves chance rather than the will of a participant. This is because participants generally have little control over this process unless they obtain a specific licence under the Act.

Before games of chance are offered, the Gambling Authority must be notified.

Can I be fined for illegal gambling?

Penalties listed in the Gaming Act can be accessed through titles with Title VI c. Penalties of the third category referred to in Article 23(4) of the Penal Code are listed in Article 36a(1). This statement is part of Article 36a, which also describes third-category fines imposed in Article 1(1c).

Rules for fine amounts are listed here. Participating in illegal gaming results in fines up to and including the third category. From 1 January 2020, third-category fines will be up to $8,500.

Can they find out I am gambling illegally?

Payout methods vary, but getting payouts is almost always included in the demand. Unlicensed gambling websites are extremely difficult to detect. This is because they are extremely unlikely to be caught, even if you bet the occasional tenner in one of their betting rounds. As long as you win something on an unlicensed gambling website and your prize money is paid out, then you should receive your winnings through your bank account.

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