Betsson Holland

Betsson has applied for a Dutch licence for three gambling sites: Kroon Casino, Oranje Casino and Currently, Betsson does not yet have a licence.

Betsson AB is proud to be one of the oldest gaming companies in the world. This well-known company clearly wants to keep up with the times. It has also established one of the most diverse online gambling websites for people who love to make money. What kind of casino games can you find on Betsson gambling website? Betsson Netherlands has applied for two licences in the Netherlands for Orange and Kroon to offer gaming legally.

Betsson online and on the smartphone

Thanks to the internet you can play when and wherever you want. The smartphone has made life even better, since you can download a special Betsson app for iPhone, iPad and Android. You can download it really easy in Google Play Store or iTunes Store. So travelling will never be boring again. Just grab your smartphone and visit Betsson. Hopefully you’ll win some money while being in the plane, train or whatever you’re travelling with!

Find every game you like at Betsson is part of the Betsson AB company, whose history goes back for half a century. Impressive, but that’s not the only unique thing. On the website you can find almost every casino game you can imagine. From slot machines to poker to live casino: Betsson has it all. It’s even possible to experience the atmosphere of a live casino or a bingo room with big Jackpots. Or perhaps you like to do some sports gambling. A lot of visitors of Betsson like to predict the outcome of a sports game. Are you going to be the next winner?

Betsson software developers

Betsson has a wide variety of casino games. Most of them are slot machines, since the website has an impressive 1500 of them! The total amount of games is impressive as well, more than 2000. This is possible because it together with several software companies. Among them are Microgaming, NetEnt and Play ‘n Go. Besides these well-known names, the following software developers are worth mentioning as well,

Which categories does Betsson have?

With so many games, the chance of getting lost increases. This is why Betsson has created several categories for games of chance. These are Casino Games, Poker, Bingo and Sports Bets. These categories can be find in the menu above.

The bonuses of Betsson

Betsson is known for its great bonuses. For example, there is a welcome bonus for every category except Bingo. You can use the bonus for only one of the three categories, so pick the game you like. Perhaps you’re a big fan of casino games. Who isn’t these days? Betsson gives you a 100 percent welcome bonus with a maximum of 100 euros. You need to create an account at Betsson to enjoy this promotion. A 100 percent bonus means that your deposit will be doubled to a maximum of 100 euros. It doesn’t matter if deposit 150 or 250 euros, because you will always receive some extra credit. Follow these steps after creating an account: 1. Click on the orange ‘deposit bonus’ button, which can be found at the right corner on the website. 2. Choose your favorite welcome bonus out of the categories ‘Casino’, ‘Poker’ or ‘Sportsbook’.

Poker welcome bonus The casino bonus isn’t worth as much as the Poker welcome bonus, which has a maximum of 2000 euros. You also get a cashback bonus and some freeroll tickets. Incredible! The least bonus is given for Sports Bets, but it’s still great fun anyway. If you deposit 25 euros for a sports bet, you receive 50 euros. Still 50 percent more, so no reason to complain at all. The bonus terms and conditions Always make sure that you read the terms and conditions of an online casino before you become a member. Every place uses certain rules regarding the bonuses. This is done to prevent manipulation or fraud with bonuses. It makes sense, since the casino gives you free play money. In the past some players have won a lot of money when using a bonus. Of course it’s possible not to use the bonuses if you don’want to use it. Perhaps you like to play on your own terms or you don’t like the bonus rules. That’s all up to you!


What is the ‘non-sticky’ rule?

If you take a look at the terms and conditions, you’ll notice that many casinos a lot of bonus rules. ‘Non-sticky’ is an interesting one. The name sounds a bit weird, but it can be easily explained. It means that if a player claims a bonus, he or she will use the deposit money first. Imagine that you make a deposit in the casino. Your bets will always be written off your deposit first. But what happens when you win with your own money without using the bonus? Don’t worry, because it’s possible that cancel the bonus. So the casino deletes the bonus of 20, 30 or 50 euros from your account. After this you can withdrawal your winning money, hopefully a lot. Always remember that this rule only applies for players who win with their own money. If you lose your deposit and start using the bonus money, it’s not possible anymore. So in a sense you get a ‘second chance’ with one of the Betsson bonuses. The ‘non-sticky’ bonus is definitely a great benefit for players and cannot be found at every online casino actually.

Wagering requirement Betsson

One of the most important rules of online casinos is the so-called ‘wagering requirement’. It means that a player is required to place a bet several times before a money withdrawal becomes possible. Easier said: as a player you need to ‘unlock’ the money. Betsson asks you to play for at least 35 times. The exact number of bets you must place depends on the bonus though. Perhaps a practical example makes the wagering requirement easier to understand. Imagine that you make a deposit with 30 euros and the welcome bonus. It means that you receive 60 euros of play money in total. So 30 euros is your own deposit and 30 euros is a gift from the casino. So to make a withdrawal possible you’re required to place a bet of 30x35 in total, which makes 1050 euros.

Maximum wager

The casino system of Betsson will automatically convert your play money to real money if enough bets are made. Do you want to know how much you’ve already played and take a look at the money you have? Then visit your account at and check the bonus page. Another bonus rule you should pay attention to is the maximum wager. It’s used by almost every online casino. It means that as a player you cannot play with more than a certain amount of money per round or turn. Think about a maximum of 0,50 euros for a line or 6 euros for every round.

Expiration date

The maximum wager rule is used until you’ve unlocked the bonus. After the bonus is unlocked you can decide the maximum wager for a round, turn or line yourself. Make sure that you comply with the casino rules. Most places are quite strict and they can block or delete your account if you break the rules. For example, you’re not allowed to double your bet until the bonus has been unlocked. Also don’t forget that most bonuses have an expiration date. So make sure that you unlock them within a certain period of time. At Betsson the term is 30 days, so be on time. Otherwise you cannot use the bonuses anymore, and that would be a shame!

eGaming Review Betsson

Did you know that Betsson has an excellent service team? In 2016 and 2017 the eGaming Review (EGR) awarded the company with a prize for ‘best service’. So at this place you’re always taken care of! The helpdesk of Betsson is opened 24/7 and there are several ways to contact it. Make sure that your read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) part of the website first. You can find the most popular questions over here. Perhaps the answer to your question is already there. If you like to have an immediate answer, the Live Chat is a good option. You’ll talk with a helpdesk employee, who hopefully will solve your problems in no time. The employees usually react to your question or comment within 30 seconds, amazing! Another possibility if you’re willing to wait a little longer is sending an e-mail to

Payment methods Holland

This nice bonus is available for every new Dutch and Luxembourgish customer. So everyone who likes to take a gamble can receive a 100 percent bonus without doing anything. It’s even possible to make a deposit with iDeal, which is a popular paying method in the Netherlands. Other payment options are PaySafeCard, Visa and Mastercard. Skrill and Neteller can be used as well, but with these options you cannot use the bonus. So Skrill and Neteller are recommended when you like make a next deposit.

Payment request

A payment with Skrill and Neteller usually takes place in a few minutes, which is a real advantage to players. It’s much quicker than Visa or a bank transfer. A payment request at Betsson costs 20 euros or more, so that’s not too much money. Do you still have some questions? Then contact the service team by e-mail, telephone or live chat 365 days a year and 24/7.

Other promotions

The welcome bonus is not the only great thing about Betsson. It’s also possible to use of the temporary promotions. You can usually enjoy them during a special event or competition, such as the Champions League. For example, it’s possible to make a free Champions League prediction. Wouldn’t it be a great if not just your team wins, but you with a sports bet as well? Make sure you check the promotions page of Betsson regularly, so that you don’t miss anything.

Quotations and limits

The quotations of Betsson were mentioned earlier. They’re very good, since the marges are usually under 5 percent, like 2 or 3 percent. However, Betsson does use certain limits for events, because it’s still a company after all. On the other hand, this will not affect recreational players too much. So don’t worry!

Why a visit to Betsson is worth it?

Betsson is considered to be one of the best bookmakers in the world. Perhaps they could use less limits to become even better. On the other hand, the place does have great bonuses and quotations. As a player you can choose between several payment methods, including iDeal. It makes a visit to Betsson absolutely worth it!

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