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What is the dresscode of Holland Casino? Are you planning a visit to Holland Casino real soon? Good idea, because it’s real fun! Although you can take a gamble from the comfort of your own home nowadays, there’s nothing better than the atmosphere of a land-based casino.

Certainly, Holland Casino is the state-run chain of casinos located throughout the Netherlands, offering a variety of gaming and entertainment options. The dress code at Holland Casino is typically not very strict but aims to maintain a sophisticated and stylish atmosphere. The casino generally expects guests to appear well-groomed and dressed appropriately, but the specifics can vary depending on the location and time of visit. 

Here's a detailed breakdown:

Basic Guidelines dresscode

Smart Casual: This is the baseline dress code for entering most Holland Casino locations. Smart casual attire includes trousers, a collared shirt, and clean shoes. While a full suit isn't necessary, the outfit should look put-together.

Footwear: Sports shoes are generally accepted as long as they are clean and presentable. However, most locations frown upon flip-flops or overly casual sandals.

Headgear: Caps, hats, and other types of headgear are generally not allowed inside the casino area, mainly for security reasons. Exceptions may be made for religious or medical reasons.

Special Events

Themed Nights or Special Events

Holland Casino often hosts special events, and these may come with their own dress codes. It could range from cocktail attire for a special event to more casual wear for a themed night like "Las Vegas Night."

VIP Areas: If you plan on entering VIP or high-stakes areas, the dress code might be stricter. For men, a jacket and dress shoes might be necessary; for women, a nice dress or formal outfit may be required.

Other Considerations
Tattoos and Piercings: While these are generally acceptable, they should not be overly ostentatious or offensive.

Age Requirement: Do note that you must be at least 18 years old to enter, and identification is required. The dress code is also more strictly enforced for younger patrons.

Restaurant Areas: The dress code in the casino's restaurant areas might be slightly more relaxed, especially during daytime hours.

Changes Due to COVID-19
Depending on the prevailing COVID-19 guidelines, there may be additional requirements such as wearing a mask, although this would not typically affect the dress code per se.

Dress appropriately in Dutch Casino's

Everyone that pays a visit to Holland Casino should be stylish and well-groomed. Otherwise you might not get access. So leave your baggy jeans and sneakers at home and put your nicest dress or suit on instead! Not everyone feels comfortable in these kind of clothes though. It’s no problem if you don’t wear them, but at least dress appropriately. A visit to Holland Casino is special and you should dress accordingly. When visiting holland casino you will need a favorite card, you can apply for this for free when entering

Which clothes are not accepted when visiting a casino?

Some styles simply don’t fit in with the atmosphere of a casino. Have you ever seen someone walking with a hoodie or baggy jeans over there? The answer is probably ‘no’. If you’re wearing these kind of clothes, you will be denied access to Holland Casino. This also applies for clothes with offensive texts, jackets, body warmers for outside, short trousers and sport clothes. Men also shouldn’t wear sleeveless t-shirts when visiting the casino or translucent clothing. It make sense that beachwear, sandals, work clothes, headgear and funny costumes are forbidden as well.

Cultural Considerations

General Tolerance: Dutch culture is generally permissive and inclusive. Even though Holland Casino is a somewhat upscale venue, it reflects the country's broad-minded nature. Therefore, you'll find that most people are dressed comfortably but not overly casual.

Business Meetings: It's not uncommon for the casino to be a venue for informal business gatherings, especially in larger cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam. For these instances, business casual or business attire is often the norm, including blazers and smart shoes.

Climate Factors

Seasonal Variations: In colder months, patrons usually wear layered outfits, such as sweaters over collared shirts, or even a light coat. During the warmer seasons, the attire can get a bit more relaxed, but the core "smart casual" principle generally still applies.
Gender-Specific Guidelines
For Men: Apart from trousers and collared shirts, polo shirts are also generally acceptable. Ties are not obligatory. Facial hair should be well-groomed.

For Women: Skirts and dresses are suitable as long as they are not too short or overly revealing. Sleeveless tops are usually fine, especially in the warmer months. High heels are acceptable but not a requirement.


Bags: While handbags and small backpacks are generally allowed, large bags may need to be left in a cloakroom.

Jewelry: There's no specific rule against wearing jewelry, but ostentatious displays could attract unwanted attention.

Advanced Bookings
Group Bookings: If you're going as part of a larger group or attending a special event, it might be worth contacting the casino in advance to inquire about any particular dress codes that might be in place for that event.

Security and Surveillance
Holland Casino places a heavy emphasis on security. Patrons' attire should not obstruct the ability of security cameras to capture clear images. This is another reason why hats or caps are generally discouraged.

Dress Code Violations
If you're not dressed according to the casino's dress code, you may be refused entry or asked to change. Some locations might offer a service where you can rent or purchase appropriate attire.

It's always good to check the specific Holland Casino location's website for any location-specific or event-specific dress codes. Being well-dressed not only helps you fit in with the venue's atmosphere but can also positively affect your overall gaming experience.



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