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As a Floormaster, you don't just have a job. Because as a casino employee, you treat every Holland Casino guest to a fun and safe evening. That requires quite a few skills. Does this sound crazy to you? Check all about the Floormaster job and see the vacancies at holland casino.

About vacansies floor master at Holland casino

With 14 branches in the Netherlands and online services, Holland Casino is the only
casino. As the only provider of table games such as American Roulette and Blackjack, we have
A unique position in the Dutch betting market. Hospitality and entertainment
Every year, we safely deliver the most exciting games to 1.1 million unique guests aged 18+
and a responsible attitude. We were founded almost 45 years ago to keep people safe, honest and secure
Enjoy gaming responsibly and the special experiences surrounding it.
We do that every day with our approximately 3,500 colleagues.

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