September 24, 2022 - 11:06 am

The National Postcode Lottery supports more than 150 charities

The National Postcode Lottery gives financial support to nearly 150 charities. Each charity focuses on different causes, but they all receive money from the lottery. Some charities supported by the lottery include UNICEF, Voedselbanken Nederland, the Red Cross and KWF Kankerbestrijding. Others are Natuurmonumenten, AAP and Lezen en Schrijven. These charities help people with poverty, health, education and nature conservation.

7,3 billion of funding

These organisations have received nearly 7.3 billion in funding over the past 26 years. In addition, they receive multi-year, discretionary funds. Of this, over €332 million was received in 2021. Information about all the organisations that receive contributions from the Postcode Lottery can be found on this page. The reason why millions of people play every month is because of the opportunity this lottery offers.

Any social organisation can apply to participate in the National Postcode Lottery. We only ask that participants have support and appreciation, but also broad social support. Suppliers must also achieve a minimum fundraising target of 800,000 euro. Other private and public donors support Postcode Lottery-funded organisations.

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