January 5, 2023 - 2:57 pm

State lottery advertising wins award as best commercial

State Lottery won the December entrepreneurial competition from marketing magazine MarketingTribune with its "Don't wait for luck to happen to you" ad. A panel of nearly 2,000 reviewers gave the State Lottery TV ad the highest score of 15 it launched last month.

Commercial Don't Wait for Luck to Happen to You

The State Lottery, in partnership with agency TBWA-Neboko, won first place for "Don't Wait for Luck to Happen to You." The average rating for this ad is an 8.1.

In this commercial, we see the story of a son who, instead of waiting for luck to happen to him, embarks on a journey through life with his father. Together they experienced an unforgettable adventure with the husky Frida. The ad scored high on several aspects and was well liked by viewers, as was shown by the viewer's reaction, "Moving people, inspiring and encouraging them to dream and create new and precious memories."In second place was Albert Heijn and Together It Got Magical, also with agency TBWA-Neboko, with a score of 8.0.

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