February 13, 2023 - 12:38 pm

Partners charity lotteries in action in Turkey and Syria

Reports and images of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria show colossal devastation. The ongoing search and rescue operation is driving us crazy. A number of postal lottery-supported charities are currently active in the region providing emergency aid, including the Red Cross, Save the Children and UNICEF. The Postcode Lottery supports charities in various ways. A total of 148 charities receive a fixed annual contribution. These organisations can also qualify for an additional contribution for a special project.

The International Committee of the Red Cross

Red Cross relief workers in Syria and Turkey are trying to rescue as many people as possible and provide aid to the affected areas. They do this by:

They assist in search and rescue operations and rescue as many people as possible from the wreckage. They provide first aid, man ambulances and transport people to hospitals, and ensure that people can donate blood and deliver blood to disaster areas.

Save the Children

Save the Children was also on the ground providing immediate emergency assistance to children and their families affected by the devastating earthquake. Their rescue teams battled freezing temperatures to rescue children trapped under the rubble. In Turkey, Save the Children has set up an emergency response team that will work closely with the government.

In addition to medical aid, shelter, blankets and winter clothing, they will offer psychosocial support to children and their families. Save the Children has been working in Turkey and Syria for decades, in part because their Children's Emergency Fund can act directly.


Unicef teams in the area are currently assessing the situation and providing humanitarian assistance to affected children and families. They are doing this by:

Water points and distribution of water to affected populations.Child protection: They seek out and take in children who have lost their parents. They also provide psychosocial assistance where needed. Nutrition: Distribution of emergency food aid. In the future, UNICEF will create child-friendly spaces as needed.

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