August 4, 2023 - 10:54 pm

Holland Casino makes mistake with jackpot prize

Every visitor to Holland Casino has a secret wish: to win big. Wim van den Mosselaar was told he was a very lucky man because, according to staff, he had won the top prize of €100,000. Wim and his wife received an invitation to try out a new slot machine and went to the casino in Breda on Friday 21 July. To his shock, his cabinet was "upside down" around five o'clock. "I didn't immediately know what was going on," he said. Fifteen minutes later, the error was discovered. Holland Casino employees tell false jackpots. It is not the €100,000 jackpot, it is €88.

reconfirmed that we had won €100,000

An employee made another check to the casino's bank. "She came back briefly and reconfirmed that we had won €100,000," he said. Wim was congratulated not only by the staff, but also by other guests.

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