March 3, 2023 - 9:47 am

Evaluation regarding poker offer on Holland Casino

On 15 February, eight representatives of Holland Poker and Anti-Addiction met at Holland Casino Utrecht for their first poker discussion with Holland Casino. This was in response to several critical reports about live poker offers. It was an important but constructive meeting about Holland Casino's live poker offerings. Both parties were able to give texts and explanations about the wishes, possibilities and impossibilities of the offer.

Cash poker games and tournements in 2023

Again, Holland Casino admits that its offer of mainly cash games and tournaments is not the best option at the moment. However, there are also positive comments on the scope of tournament poker, such as the Holland Casino Poker Series and major tournaments, although there are certainly still opportunities for growth and improvement here. At the meeting, Holland Casino outlined plans to make major improvements quickly in the second quarter. Make this offer a priority, even if it means temporarily having a smaller stock of blackjack, e.g. Meanwhile, we remain committed to attracting new colleagues.

In addition, Holland Casino says it has formed a national poker team. Among other things, the team will coordinate series and major international tournaments at various locations. This way, we gain additional poker knowledge, improve the quality of tournaments and at the same time improve the quality of poker as a whole. In addition, there are many valuable suggestions and ideas for Holland Casino's poker products.

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