January 28, 2023 - 2:41 pm

Dutch government investigates deposit limit for online casinos

The Netherlands may follow Belgium's example on deposit limits. Belgium legalised online gambling in 2010, long before most European countries. In the Netherlands, online gambling has only been regulated since October 2021. Belgium is therefore a good example for the Netherlands to examine what does and does not work in the industry.

The formalisation of online gambling has given Belgian players a good understanding of the risks and ensures a safe and fair online gaming environment. By licensing an online gambling company, players know where they stand. If breached, unlicensed websites can be criminally prosecuted with all the ensuing consequences.

Playing limits prove effective in Belgium

Setting a weekly gaming limit proves to be an effective rule of thumb to reduce the risks of online gambling and the number of gambling addicts. Therefore, in October, the tournament limit was further tightened from €500 to €200 per week.

The effect of this rule has not been ignored by governments abroad: the Dutch Kansspelautoriteit is now considering taking a closer look at gaming restrictions at online casinos in the Netherlands, of which the Belgian measure is a good example.

No deposit limit currently in the Netherlands

As online gambling has only recently been legalised in the Netherlands, there are currently no deposit limits as we know them. Nevertheless, the Dutch government is working to create a safe and fair online gaming environment. As Belgian measures have shown that gaming restrictions do play an important role in preventing high debt and gambling addiction, the introduction of such restrictions by the Gaming Authority seems a logical next step.

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