February 15, 2023 - 9:04 am

Bingoal allows players without control Cruks and gets fine

The Chance Gaming Authority (Ksa) has fined online gambling provider Bingoal €350,000. Bingoal allows players to play Penalty Bingo for a few days in June 2022 without checking the Central Register of Gambling Exclusions (Cruks).


Legitimate high-stakes gambling providers must be affiliated to Cruks. This provides a list of players who cannot be exposed to high-stakes games of chance from a gambling addiction prevention perspective. Accessing Cruks requires a valid PKI certificate to ensure secure information exchange. Bingoal's certificate has expired. As a result, Bingoal could not verify player registrations as required by law, but it still allowed players to participate in high-stakes games of chance.

It took Bingoal about 3 days to obtain a new PKI certificate and regain access to Cruks. Bingo allows players during this time. Bingoal should not do so; by law, players can only access high-stakes games of chance after the gaming provider has determined that the player in question is not registered with Cruks.

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