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In the Netherlands, every bookmaker must have an official licence to offer games of chance, such as sports betting. The licence applies to bets offered via gambling websites or physical betting offices and is issued under strict supervision of the Kansspel Authority. The Games of Chance Authority is an independent government body that monitors safe and fair practices in (online) games of chance.

What are the best Dutch bookmakers. We have made a selection of gambling sites with great sports offers and good welcome bonuses for new players.

The best bookmakers in Holland 2023

BetCity sports
Betcity is a typical Dutch online casino and focuses mainly on football.

Bet365 sportbetting
Bet365 Netherlands is one of the largest bookmakers in the world. 

What is a bookmaker?

What does a bookmaker do? Bookmaker is the English expression for someone who makes it possible to bet (gamble) on the outcome of a match, tournament or event. In English they are also called bookies or turf accountants.

Which bookmakers are there?

We've listed the top 10 best online bookmakers with welcome bonuses that have a Dutch licence:

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Which bookmakers are legal in the Netherlands?

All legal bookmakers: Bet365, Holland Casino, TOTO, Jack's, BetCity, Bingoal, Circus, Unibet and ZEbet.

You should of course choose an online bookmaker licensed by the Dutch Gambling Commission. This type of licence tells you that you can safely and legally participate in related gambling sites. But it will not tell you whether the bookmaker is right for you. The choice of an online gaming agency is very personal. Comparisons are always wise when looking for bookmakers. Ask yourself what requirements your bookmaker's gaming site should meet. One may choose the highest odds and the other wants additional betting options in Darts or Formula 1. Even attractive bonus promotions may convince you. Restrictions can also be a reason for choosing a particular bookmaker. Are you looking for a low limit bookmaker so you can make a profit on a small budget? Or do you opt for extra generous limits for high stakes and high winnings? Find the bookmaker that suits you and you can be sure that you will enjoy betting on football, tennis or any other sport. Let's hope your sports knowledge will pay off!

Do I need to create an account with the bookmaker?

Anyone aged 18 or over can place a bet with an online bookmaker. But before you place your first bet, there are many steps to take. For example, bookmakers only accept bets from registered players. This means that you need an account in order to gamble. Creating an account with a bookmaker takes little time and effort. On the homepage of your favourite online bookmaker's gambling site, you will undoubtedly find a sign-up button which will take you straight to a short questionnaire. Bookmakers require a few personal details in order to register with gambling sites. Think for example of your name, address and account number. When everything is ready, you are the owner of the individual player account. The gambling is about to begin!

Can I pay with iDEAL at the bookmaker?

Only betting at the bookmaker works a little differently than at the local gambling office. You cannot pay for bets directly from your bank account. Payments are always made through your account. Each account has a digital wallet that contains your gaming currency. By default, you pay your bets from a pot that is linked to your account. Each bookmaker is different and how you can top up your digital wallet. If you choose a bookmaker that is officially licensed by the Dutch Gambling Commission, then iDEAL may be one of the options. Paying by iDEAL certainly has many advantages. It works fast and secure, you are used to this payment method for other online activities.

How are odds determined by the bookmaker?

The probability of an outcome is determined by the odds assigned to a bet. The higher the odds, the lower the probability of the outcome. The level of the odds is based on various factors, including the balance of power between the two parties involved in the bet. The bookmaker determines the odds and these can change depending on previous results (history) of injuries and suspensions, rankings and what the outcome of the game might be. If many players are injured in one team, the odds may change. However, how much a bet is placed on a particular outcome can also influence the odds. If many people bet on team A to win, the odds for that team to win will decrease. Instead, the odds for Team B to draw and win will go up.

Which Dutch sports prove most popular with Bookmakers bettors?

The Dutch love betting on sports matches and watching many different types of sports competitions. This is also reflected in the websites they use to bet, as they have many different options. Many popular Dutch sports can be found on betting sites.

Popular Dutch sports are becoming increasingly popular when they are offered on betting sites. The following chart lists the most popular sports in the nation.

Dutch Eredivisie football
Over 140 years ago, Dutch football was introduced to the world. Since then, the sport has become immensely popular in the country. The Dutch Men's Team is considered one of the best teams in the world. In 1988, they won the European Championship and participated in three World Cup finals.

Dutch betting sites offer markets for a wide range of football competitions around the world. These include betting on the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and many other leagues. In addition, these sites offer markets for many international competitions, including the World Cup and the European Championship.

The Netherlands have won three of the past four World Cups and played three of the past four Olympic gold medals with their men's teams. However, the women's team has won every Olympic, World and other Olympic medal except one since 1912.

The Netherlands offers more bets than most countries on the best websites during major international sporting events. Every year, the Euro Hockey League and the Dutch Hoofdklasse Hockey League take place, as well as bets on hockey players of both genders.

The Netherlands loves volleyball and has been very successful in the sport from time to time. In the 1990s, their male team won an Olympic gold medal while being hugely popular.

The Dutch love cycling as their main means of transport. The flat nature of most of their country makes cycling one of the most popular hobbies in the Netherlands. That love also extends to Dutch athletes, who are invariably among the best in international competitions.

Some Dutch betting websites also offer bets on smaller cycling rounds, as well as major track cycling. These websites are often overlooked when people only consider two events when betting on two sports.

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