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You can find a lot of information about working at Holland Casino on this website. If you have any questionsgo to the officle site of Holland Casino

Are you looking for a job in gambling? Then Holland Casino might be the perfect employer for you. It currently has a number of vacancies. Most of them are for top positions at the online casino, so you need to have some experience. The start date of most of these jobs is January 1st, 2021.

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Working at Holland Casino

Online gambling in Holland Casino

Thanks to a new gambling law, online gambling is now legal in the Netherlands. Because of this Holland Casino will finally open the digital doors of its own online casino on January 1st, 2021. This day will be historic to the Dutch gambling market, since the first licenses for online casinos will be granted. The state-owned Holland Casino will receive a license of course, and thus a new chapter in its history starts. Perhaps you will a part of this special moment!

New vacancies Holland casino 2023

Holland Casino has been preparing for the online casino for years, but with 2021 in sight, there are new developments ánd vacancies. At the moment, the company is looking for six professionals who will be running the online casino behind the scenes. These are the following positions:
• Chief marketing officer (CMO)
• Partnership & media manager
• Head of casino
• Head of sportsbook
• Head of bingo
• Head of gaming.

What do the functions imply?

The heads of casino, sportsbook and bingo are each responsible for their type of game. The head of gaming will be the manager of the three of them. He or she is going to be responsible for the results of the entire online casino, so it’s a very responsible and sometimes demanding job. The chief marketing officer will lead a special marketing team to put the online casino on the map. The partnership & media manager focuses on online marketing, including advertisements on Google, and other things.

Headhunter company

The vacancies of Holland Casino cannot be found on the website. Instead, the international headhunter company Betting Jobs is looking for specialized candidates in the gambling sector. This makes sense, since all candidates must have experience within the online gambling market. Since online gambling had been illegal in the Netherlands until recently, the Dutch don’t have this experience in their own country. Betting Jobs is a specialist when it comes to finding suitable applicants. Jan Willem van Hofwegen, spokesman of Holland Casino, confirmed to Mr. Casino that they are looking for employees with experience in the online gambling market.

Why are these vacancies under the radar?
The vacancies of Holland Casino are still open at the moment, so you can respond if you like. Van Hofwegen also confirms that agrees that Holland Casino deliberately keeps the vacancies under the radar. The casino uses an agency to recruit and doesn’t put the vacancies on its own website because online gambling is niche market. And because of the fact Betting Jobs is specialized in this, the headhunter is the perfect partner to work with.

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