Jobs and working Dutch lottery organisation

What makes the Dutch Lottery a great organization to work at?

Are you thinking whether you will apply for a job at the Dutch Lottery? Then we have an advice for you: just go for it. You might get a job in a professional and dynamic organization that is very successful in the competitive gaming market. The Dutch Lottery is a strong and flexible organization in a market that is constantly changing. Its employees are constantly challenged and supported to get the most out of their talents. Will you become part of this team in the near future?

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Social engagement Dutch lottery

The Dutch Lottery is known for its social engagement and wants to make the Netherlands a better, healthier place where people love to sport. This is why the organization donates a part of its revenue to Dutch society, with the help of the Ministry of Finance, sports organization NOCNSF and eighteen charities. For a happier, healthier and sportier Netherlands The Dutch Lottery has a clear mission: everyone in the Netherlands must win. Not just in a financial, but also physically. This organizations dreams of a healthier country, and wants to make this possible by making as many players happy with great cash prizes. This is why there are 6000 points of sale for anyone for regular customers, who have a chance to win a lot of money. Donations to charities Important to note is that a part of the revenue of this lottery is donated to Dutch society. It works together with the Ministry of Finance, NOCNSF and eighteen charities with the help of ‘Stichting Aanwending Loterijgelden Nederland’ (ALN). These contributions benefit the public and thus all the Dutch people and sports organizations, whether they’re professional or recreational. Charities in the field of social welfare, culture and public health are supported as well.

A healthy and stimulating working environment

The Dutch Lottery finds freedom and independence in a healthy and stimulating working environment very important. To make this possible, it offers employees many training- and development opportunities. If you work at this organization you also enjoy a friendly and collegial atmosphere and excellent working conditions. Because of this, you can do your job with pride and a big smile every day.

Training and job development opportunities

We offer freedom and independence in a great working environment with many training and development opportunities, a collegial working atmosphere and excellent employment conditions. We think it is important that you can do your job with pleasure and pride. Perhaps the following numbers will convince you as well:
• The Dutch Lottery has 231 employees
• There are 6000 points of sale
• The total amount of prize money is 732 million dollar
• 165 million is donated to sport organizations, charities and other organizations that contribute to Dutch society

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