How to win the Mega Jackpot Ultimate Poker at Holland Casino?

Holland Casino presents a national jackpot on the Ultimate Texas Hold'em tables. An innovative addition that makes the game of poker even more exciting! At all our 14 locations you will find Ultimate Texas Hold'em tables with progressive jackpots.


From July 2022, you can play the jackpot at so-called Ultimate Texas Poker Hold'em tables at all Holland casino locations in the Netherlands. Poker jackpots start at €25,000, are added to each bet and are linked to different tables across the country. The addition of this game element makes poker more attractive and exciting for Holland casino guests. Instead of playing against other players, as is common in poker, guests participating in the jackpot bet will play against the bank.

Starting amount Super Jackpot: €25,000

With a guaranteed starting amount of €25,000, the Mega Jackpot is the biggest poker jackpot in the Netherlands. This national jackpot is linked to special Ultimate Texas Hold'em tables, which you can find in all Dutch casinos. The jackpot rises with every bet.

Mega, Major and Minor poker Jackpot

For a deposit of just €2.50, guests have a chance to win several so-called 'Jackpots'; Mega, Major and Minor. The Mega starts at €25,000 and can be won with a Straight Flush or a Diamond Flush. With a straight or royal flush of spades, clubs or hearts, guests can win the Grand Slam from $2,500. Minor starts at €500 and is won with four cards of jack, queen, king and ace. All these jackpots must be won with two cards from each player's hand and the first three community cards on the table.

There are several jackpots: Mega, Major and Minor.

The Mega starts at 25,000 euros. It is won via a straight flush or a diamond flush.

If you have a Straight Flush or a Royal Flush of spades, clubs or hearts, you have the chance to win big jackpots starting from €2,500.

Minor starts at €500 and wins four of a kind, with J, Q, K and A.

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