How to use cryptos in bitcoincasinos?

Bitcoins are everywhere on the news right now. Early investors have already gained a lot of money because of it, and now the public follows. New price records are set almost every week.

The number of people that want to gamble and pays with Bitcoins is rising. Did you know that it’s also possible to pay with cryptocurrencies in a Bitcoin online casino?

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Easy way to make money Always make sure that you’re using a reliable online casino for your Bitcoins. Read reviews of other people first, and trust your intuition. It’s not a good idea to spend all your savings in Bitcoins. The market is very volatile, so there’s always a risk of losing money. If all goes well, it feels great to make money so easy though!

Gambling Bitcoin payments

Some people say that Bitcoin will cause a revolution in the world of money. It is digital money that is also known as a ‘cryptocurrency’. You can pay your bills and products with it, the same as euros and dollars. Bitcoin is a volatile digital currency. You can have a Bitcoin worth 10.000 euros at one moment, and 8000 euros the next. Bitcoin is an open network without interference of the government. This makes it a very attractive investment for a lot of people. More and more people use this network to open and make transactions every day.

Bitcoin wallets

You should research Bitcoin before you start investing. This makes it easier to make a good decision. For example, there are several Bitcoin wallets on the internet. These are places where you can put your Bitcoins in. However, how do you choose the right wallet? Read reviews and compare several wallets with each other to make a decision. After making this step you need to take part in a Bitcoin network with special software. This makes it possible to very and save transactions. Then you need to buy Bitcoins at an exchange office. It’s the easiest way to begin, although these companies ask a little fee for their services.

Trade your Bitcoins

Another way to buy bitcoins is the use of a so-called exchange. Exchange websites do not buy or sell Bitcoins. Instead, investors sell or trade the coins with each other. Perhaps you want to sell Bitcoins. You need to have a so-called ‘trading wallet’. Make sure that you have a minimum exchange rate. If it reaches this point, you sell. Trading with another person is exciting as well. Create an advertisement to make sure that people find you.

How to buy Bitcoin?

Every cryptocurrency user receives an own address for payments. It’s really easy to buy Bitcoins, or perhaps you’re more into Altcoins. Or make an investment in both! You simply pay with a bank transfer or Paypal. Make sure that you always have an online wallet to transfer your Bitcoins to the address of the online casino. This is usually an QR code or some numbers and letters.

The transfer of Bitcoins usually takes place very quickly. The many advantages of Bitcoin Hopefully your adventure in the cryptocurrency world becomes a big success. You should check the price of your coins regularly. It’s your own choice what you want to do with the coins. You can pay with them in real life or make a gamble. Whatever you do, Cryptocurrency is a very safe way of payment. This is definitely not the only advantage of Bitcoins. It’s also great that you have full control of your payments and that the costs for transactions are very low.

Safe and fair casino games

Another advantage of Bitcoin games is that all games are safe and fair. Everyone has the same chance to win with Bitcoin Video Poker or a card game. For example, the deck of cards is random every time. There’s absolutely no manipulation when the cards are shuffled. This is guaranteed because the server shuffles the deck of cards first. Then the computer gives a random number, which is used to cut the deck. So the casino absolutely doesn’t know what the random number is.

High returns in BTC

Hopefully luck is at your side. If this is the case, good for you! Your winnings will be paid out immediately. Expect a return on every casino game in 99 percent of the time. Players do not only get paid very often, but benefit of a low house edge as well. This is the advantage the online casino has when you play a game. At Bitcoin Games it’s only 0,5 percent on average. This is very low in comparison to other casino’s. Be aware that the house edge for every casino is different though. It is 0,25 percent for Video Poker and 0,4 percent for Blackjack, for example. The house edge is higher with Keno and Slots, namely 1 percent. At some casino games this percentage is incredible low. Craps only has a house edge of 0,2 percent and Dice just 0,75 percent.

Cash out your money

It’s really easy to withdraw your money as well. If you want to the Bitcoins in your account, just click on the ‘cash out’ button. Fill in the amount of money and click on the ‘withdrawal’ button. Two conformations are needed. They usually take 10 to 20 minutes. Be aware of the transaction fee of about 0,0001 BTC. This is a very small account, so don’t worry. After the confirmation the coins will be send to the Bitcoin netwerk. You can do it with whatever you want. Play another casino game for example, or exchange it for fiat.

Safety of your account with crypot gambling

It’s possible to build bots if you want. Every game of Bitcoin Games has an API that is publicily available. Just click on the ‘API’ button on the website to use it. You can use the API with your referral code to create mobile apps for example. It’s possible to earn a referral bonus for each new player with these apps. Safety is very important when you take a gamble online or when you create apps. Over the years Bitcoins have become worth a lot, so you don’t want to get hacked. This is why two factor authentication (2fa) is used. Almost everyone in the cryptocurrency world knows it. Enabling security works quite easily actually. First you need to install Google Authenticator and create a password. Enter this password everytime you want to access your account. The 2FA code is part of the Google Authenticator app in your smartphone. You need it to log in and to make deposits and withdrawals.

Bitcoin Games referral program

Did you know that it’s possible to earn an extra income with the Bitcoin Games referall program? You can earn a lot, with a maximum of 25 percent of the house edge. There is a ‘Referral Program’ link on the footer of the page. The only thing you need to do is to place a link to the website of Bitcoin Games. You receive a nice commission when someone clicks on the link and makes on the website. An account will be automatically created for them.

Always be careful when gambling

Always play careful. Never spend more money than you can afford to loose, and prevent addiction. Do you think that you’re addicted or that someone else in your surroundings is? Then get help as soon as possible. There are several websites to get help. One of them is Youth Gambling. Visit and see what they can do for you.

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