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Everything you need to know about Fair Play Casinos in Holland. These are popular amusement centers where you can choose between a wide variety of games. Everyone above the age limit of 18 years can take a gamble and walk out of the amusement center as a millionaire. Will you be this person?

Perhaps you’ve hEverything you need to know about Fair Play Casinos in Holland.eard about Fair Play Casino. 

What are the entry conditions of Fair Play Casino?

Most casinos and amusement centers use a legal minimum age for playing slot machines, and Fair Play Casino is no exception. Usually you have to be 18 years or older, but at some places only people above the age of 21 are welcome. Places who open their doors to underaged people can be punished, and these young people are punishable as well. The employees of Fair Play Casino check every visitor at the entrance of the gambling area and ask for their age. Unknown players who are suspected to be under 25 years of age are required to identify themselves upon entry. Visitors under the age of 18 and visitors who are not able to show valid proof of identity if requested, will be refused entry. At certain locations there is a minimum age of 21 years. This is usually mentioned at the location page of a Fair Play Casino.

Slot machines Fair Play casino

All machines of Fair Play Casino comply with strict legal requirements and are controlled by government agencies in accordance with these requirements. As proof of approval, you can find an approval sticker on each machine. The control of the slot machines is not only regulated by the Act (annually), because the DEKRA criteria has set requirements for the present slot machines and their control as well.

How to fill a complaint?
Do you have a complaint about a slot machine? Report your complaint to our Responsible Gaming & Quality department via tel. 045-5428428. During working days they’re available from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.. You can use the contact form as well. Good to know is that the gaming authority does not deal with individual complaints itself, but would also like to receive a notification of your complaint.

Safety fair play casino

Did you know that Fair Play Casino is the only company in the industry that has its own private security organization and Video Surveillance Netherlands? They’re accredited by the Ministry of Justice. Having this security service not only contributes to a feeling of security when you visit the locations. Statements by mayors and police forces have shown that the effect of this is also clearly noticeable in the immediate vicinity. Just knowing that there is security in place gives visitors a good feeling and clearly has a preventive effect.

Are you currently looking for an amusement center with a wide variety of games? Then the Fair Play casinos might be a good choice. These places have to meet some strict requirements though. For example, every player has to be 18 years or older. What else can you expect from Fair Play?

Everyone above 18 is welcome
Every adult person who loves to take a gamble is welcome at Fair Play casinos. The government finds an age limit of 18 years and older very important because gambling can be very addictive. Children are even more sensitive to that than adults. So for amusement centers it’s illegal to have customers under the age of 18. This is why employees control every visitor. What’s more, everyone under the age of 25 must show identification. If you refuse to do so, you’re denied access.

Age limit and the law
It’s a good idea to read the terms and conditions of an amusement center before you visit it. Some places use an age limit of 21 instead of 18. So reading the rules on the website will prevent unpleasant surprises. Despite the controls, it can happen that an underaged person enters the amusement center or casino. This doesn’t mean that only the place breaks the law. The children themselves are to blame as well, because they know what they’re doing.

Safe place
Fair Play Casino is known as a very safe place. It’s actually the only one within the amusement hall branche which has its own private security organization and a video control room, also known as the ‘Dutch Video Surveillance’. It gives a very safe feeling on all kinds of locations in the city, even more because the Ministry of Justice has accredited the video surveillance. What’s more, police forces and mayors have declared that video surveillance really increases the citizens feeling of security.

Strict requirements for slots
Hopefully you’ve entered the Fairplay Casinos without problems, if you’re above 18 or 21 of course. You probably see hundreds of slots and people who are happy and excited. You’re ensured of good quality at Fairplay because all slots are controlled by the authorities and thus meet strict requirements. This control is done by criteria than can be found in the law and DEKRA. You can check if the machines fair and safe by a special sticker. Do you still have a complaint? Then contact the Gambling Authority of your country.

Locations Fair Play Casino Holland

  • Almere Haven
  • Almere Stad
  • Amsterdam - Halfweg
  • Apeldoorn
  • Asten
  • Bergen op Zoom
  • Brunssum
  • Dordrecht
  • Eindhoven Kerkstraat
  • Eindhoven Kruisstraat
  • Eindhoven Nieuwstraat
  • Emmeloord
  • Geldrop
  • Geleen
  • Groningen
  • Gronsveld
  • Harderwijk
  • Heerlen Bautscherweg
  • Heerlen Klompstraat
  • Kerkrade Hoofdstraat
  • Kerkrade Stadion
  • Lelystad
  • Maarssen
  • Maastricht Gubbelstraat
  • Maastricht Stationsstraat
  • Meppel
  • Roermond
  • Roosendaal
  • Rotterdam
  • Rozenburg
  • Schiedam
  • Sittard
  • Tegelen
  • Uden Lieve Vrouwenplein
  • Uden Markt
  • Utrecht
  • Valkenburg
  • Weert

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