The register was created since the new Act on Remote Gambling. Since 1 October, ten licensed companies are allowed to offer online gambling in the Netherlands. Previously, offering online gambling was, with a few exceptions such as TOTO, illegal. Many Dutch people therefore fled to foreign sites.

CRUKS stands for Central Register Exclusion of Gambling. It is a national register where players are recorded who have problems with gambling. At the moment the register does not exist, but in the future this may change. CRUKS will be one of the measures when the new gambling law will come into force. The new gambling law - if adopted - should ensure that soon it will be legal to gamble online in the Netherlands. At this time it is illegal for casino operators to operate an online casino aimed at Dutch players.

What is CRUKS for?

The registry is intended to prevent players from getting into trouble because of the game. When a player is listed within the registry, follow-up steps are taken to ensure that a player is offered the appropriate help. This help is offered, but is not a requirement, the ultimate responsibility lies with the player himself.

At the moment it is still regulated differently in the Netherlands when it comes to self-exclusion.

How to get on the list?

The new law states that (online) casinos must protect players and record their playing habits. Does a casino see that you gamble excessively? Then the casino must report it. If a casino sees problems in your gaming behavior then your data will be included in CRUKS. Such as your name, the reason for your withdrawal and the period in which you are not allowed to gamble. This can be done with or without your permission.

Take a break from gambling with Cruks

Do you no longer have control of your gambling? Then you can register yourself in Cruks, the Central Register Exclusion of Gambling. You can immediately stop gambling on Dutch gambling sites for at least 6 months, and also not in Dutch gambling halls and casinos.

  • All licensed gambling halls, casinos and online gambling companies in the Netherlands are connected to Cruks.
  • A gambling company must check every player. Are you registered in Cruks? Then the gambling company will not let you continue
  • You can register for 6 months to 99 years. After 6 months of registration you can cancel
  • Your play period will end automatically at the end of your registration. Cruks then deletes all your data


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