Blackjack Holland

Blackjack is one of the few games where you as a player have the highest advantage over other games in a casino. So that's at least already one reason to pick a nice casino with Dutch Live Blackjack dealers and sign up for free.

If you are an experienced Blackjack player and have several strategies, then you probably don't need our tips and explanations anymore. Whatever your player level, you will always find a game here that offers you the challenge you are looking for. However, are you still not so confident in your shoes next to the Blackjack table? Then you will not only find the best games in this online casino, but also enough explanations and tips to help you get started. Study it carefully and you can start winning!

The best blackjack casinos with Dutch License

Live Circus casino (250 euro welcomebonus) >
Live poker, live roulette, blackjack and live shows

Live Casino Jacks >
Dutch-speaking blackjack and roulette croupiers. €100 welcomebonus

Blackjack online at home

Fancy playing blackjack at home? Even then you are at the right place at online casino Netherlands! Did you know that all online casinos that we offer also offer different blackjack tables. So you no longer have to leave the house and you can play online blackjack from the comfort of your home. Determine yourself with which bet you play, you can often play from 1, - euro.


What exactly is the game of blackjack?

Blackjack is basically the same game as Twenty One, the game that used to be played in many living rooms. The bank deals the cards, and the goal is for the player to score more points than the bank, but never more than twenty one. The player wins if this is indeed the case, but if the bank unexpectedly scores higher, the profit goes to the bank. Blackjack is a game where, once you get a little bit handy with it, you will encounter the greatest odds of winning!

The best variety of Online Blackjack

Your choice to play at one of the many exclusive high-class online casinos that you will find on this site means that you will be getting the best internet blackjack games available today. Games are offered that look just like the real experience with strategy charts and in case you want to learn a little bit before you start earning you can also play in practice mode. The best thing about online Blackjack is the incredible diversity of the games available for you to play right away. Online casinos such as Jackpot City and The Royal Panda have what is known as the Gold Series of table games. If you have never heard of the Gold Series and you love online Blackjack then you will definitely want to know what it is!

Simply put, the Gold Series of table games is a selection of online Blackjack and Roulette games, but especially Blackjack. These games are designed to resemble and mimic real Blackjack like no other internet table game can. The graphics and sounds are just great. You get a lot of class and style just by looking at these games. In addition, you can adjust things yourself such as the background music and the speed at which you want to play. However, these are just some technical aspects. The best part is that you will be able to choose from over 40 types of online Blackjack games. Some will allow you to play multiple hands, while others will use multiple decks. Some of them offer you games that are exactly the same as the ones you can find in Las Vegas. All you have to do is choose.

Live Casino Blackjack

It is the latest hit to enter the online casino world. It's called Live Casino Games and it's exactly like the real experience. Our online casinos feature these Live Casino games and options include Live Casino Blackjack games. You may have to wait in line but you will be able to play these games from the comfort of your own home. Real dealers deal real cards for real bets - it's all part of the Live Casino experience and available from our casinos.

Where can I play blackjack legally in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, Holland Casino is currently the only casino that offers real blackjack play. Other casinos offer blackjack on the machines anyway, but only at Holland Casino do you play with real croupiers. See which legal casinos are available on Gamblingholland or on our licences page

How much do blackjack dealers earn?

Starting salaries for bookmakers, croupiers etc. are usually between €1,584 and €2,315 per month. After 6 years of employment, salaries range from €1,925 to €2,730 per month at 38 hours per week.

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