What is cruks for gambling addict and how do I register?

Many gambling addicts or problematic players find it difficult to control their addiction and on a whim chase all their money through at a casino. CRUKS put an end to that. The Central Register of Exclusion of Gambling, abbreviated to CRUKS, is the place where people with problematic gambling methods can be registered. CRUKS is one big database, where once you are registered you will no longer be allowed in every casino out there. No large brick-and-mortar casinos such as Holland Casino or Jack's Casino, no private casinos in the center and no longer at online casinos.

How does CRUKS work?

When you want to play in a casino, you have to fill in all the details. This concerns personal data such as your name and date of birth, but also your Citizen Service Number (BSN). This was not the case before, this rule has been amended with the introduction of the new law.

CRUKS comes into effect when you notice yourself that you are not playing properly. You find yourself over-eager and too focused on reclaiming your loss. When you register with CRUKS, you can request that your account be blocked. When you still try to come and gamble, the casino will receive a message that they cannot let you in. This block usually lasts for six months, but can also increase.

You can register yourself with CRUKS if you notice that you are starting to build up an addiction, or you can register if you are already addicted.

How do you block yourself from gambling sites?

There are several ways to block online gambling sites so that you don't get embarrassed to play again. If you surf the internet with the Google Chrome browser, you can block certain websites. You enter the names of the websites that you normally always visit and these will no longer be given when you search for them with the browser.

Otherwise you can block the betting sites with Chrome, IE or Firefox. For example, you can use certain software. This app is immediately definitive, because there is no limit to how long you can set a term. If you want to be able to set a term, you can use apps such as Focal Filter. Here you can, for example, indicate that you cannot visit sites for a period of time

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