What are the risks and benefits of online gambling?

In addition to quantitative interviews, qualitative in-depth interviews also took place with a number of participants in this interesting study. The interviews showed that Belgian gamblers know the advantages and disadvantages of online gambling. On the one hand, the ease and availability of online gambling is appreciated. It is no longer necessary to leave the comfort of your own home and it’s possible to gamble 24/7. In addition, it offers privacy and makes gamblers feel less disturbed by other people and environmental noise.

Participants named the following reasons to gamble online:

  1. You don’t have to leave your home
  2. Online gambling is available 24/7
  3. Easy access
  4. It feels comfortable
  5. You have a lot of privacy and you’re able to play anonymously
  6. No annoying people around you
  7. Less noise
  8. You’re not around a big group of people
  9. Less smoke
  10. You can drink and smoke while gambling
  11. Less expensive
  12. You can only play this game online
  13. Better gaming experience
  14. Better pay-out rate
  15. Other reasons

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