What are the biggest jackpot cash prizes ever won in the world?

In this article, you will read what are the biggest jackpots prizes ever won. In all the big cash prizes, they were won by a major European or US lottery. Have you ever won money while gambling in a casino or lottery? Then you know how good you feel when something like this happens. It could be hundreds, maybe thousands of euros. Imagine what it would be like to win millions or even billions.

Biggest jackpot price top 5

The biggest jackpot in the world falls in the United States. Amounts won in the Netherlands cannot be as high since we have much less population and thus cash prizes cannot rise as fast as in America. Due to the large population, the chances of winning the lottery are small. That's why the jackpot is so high.

Powerball jackpot 2,04 Billion Dollar (biggest ever)

The Powerball winner of 7 November 2022 won the biggest jackpot in US history, the Powerball jackpot of $2.04 billion or $2.04 billion.

The official US lottery website showed on Tuesday that a lottery ticket holder in California had the winning numbers, while earlier draws on Tuesday were hampered by delays.

Powerball second biggest jackpot of $1.586 billion

With the world's biggest jackpot, we're not even talking about millions anymore. That's just over 1.5 billion (!) euros. The payments were made by the US lottery game Powerball. In 2016, the winner of that amount participated in 3 lotteries.

Mega Millions jackpot of $1.537 billion

Number 2 on this list can't complain either. Participants in the Mega Millions lottery played only 1 ticket in 2018. With this ticket, he won the world's highest jackpot, about $50 million short. The chances of him being disappointed for even a second are slim.

Other big prices

$1.05 billion
Number 3 also entered the Mega Millions lottery. It won more than $1 billion in 2021. The lucky winner may also be thinking about how best to spend the money. Plenty of time, of course, because working is no longer necessary.

$768 million
The 2019 Powerball winner had to pay $768 million. The top prize was won by a player from Wisconsin. The winner won the amount by playing 1 lottery.

What is the biggest jackpots in the Netherlands?

Let's start with the biggest jackpots in the Netherlands. Potentially, the highest jackpot in the Netherlands is around €120 million at the Eurojackpot lottery. You can win this amount by playing in the Eurojackpot lottery. It is a European lottery, so it is actually not particularly Dutch. However, as a Dutch person, you can easily join, as the Eurojackpot lottery is available to everyone in Europe.

The 90 million won a total of 13 times. Unfortunately, there are no Dutch people. In the Netherlands, the highest jackpot ever won on this lottery is €18 million. This amount was won in 2017. Normally the jackpot is won in Germany.

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