February 19, 2023 - 12:20 pm

Who are the ambassadors of Friends Lottery?

You often see them pass celebrities, singers and/or presenters. But who are the ambassadors of Friends Lottery? The most common one, according to research, is apparently Chantal Janzen.

Ambassadors Friends lottery 2023

The following ambassadors advertise Friends Lottery.

Chantal Janzen
"I can't imagine that culture is less. It's everywhere. At my son's school, they are very involved in arts and culture. I also think it's important that we can continue to go to museums. So I thought, as an ambassador for Friends Lottery, to protect culture Provide strong support in every way!"

Robert ten Brink
"I often go to museums or to the theater. That just makes life better. The VriendenLoterij wants as many Dutch people as possible to celebrate culture, and I'm happy to support that idea."

Irene moors
"Just like VriendenLoterij, I think it's very important that underprivileged people don't have to throw in the towel, but can participate fully in society. I love being able to contribute to that with my reputation." Erin.

"When I was asked to become an ambassador, I didn't have to think twice. Friends Lottery has done so many wonderful things. You can choose to be involved with the charities you support. You can choose to support Baker Sports Club, so to speak. Also, of course, a prize that surprises people is great."

Albert Verlinde
"Culture is in my blood, it makes my heart beat faster. That's why I like to contribute to the awareness of Friends Lottery and its partners."

Ilse De Lange
"As an artist, I find the preservation of culture very important. Even as a child, I often visited different museums. It was impressive every time.

Jamie Loman
"I love being an ambassador of Friends Lottery, I see it as a gift, I get to surprise so many people every month with a nice check!"

Gerald Joling
"The charitable activities of Friends Lottery fascinate me. Together, VriendenLoterij participants support dozens of organizations dedicated to health and well-being and thousands of clubs and associations. Staying healthy and having fun with family and friends is part of life. Most importantly. I like to promote the lottery and the work of charities."

Walter Kroes
"Friends Lottery participants collectively support many organizations that work for health and well-being.

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