June 6, 2022 - 3:01 pm

Many complaints about Toto Casino payouts

Toto is known for its sports betting in the Netherlands. From October, Toto casino made its appearance to offer casino games as well. Since then, there are many complaints. The most heard complaint is the payout of Toto Casino. Payments are fast but once you've won something, it takes a long time before they pay out.

Won a large amount of money at Toto

If you've won a large amount of money, it often takes even longer because they want proof of how you got your money. Wage slips, annual statements etc. You have to send a lot to prove that you can gamble for money.

Negative reviews of Toto Casino

Deceptive practices at Toto, they say + / - 95% Return To Player, this is not correct at all, the management and employees lie like crazy and are all directly involved in fraud. It is time that they are all severely punished with fines and prison sentences, expose them (just like we did with the tax authorities) with a well-founded investigation and make all these swindlers financially and mentally broken! Come on, we can do this together!

This is a real mafia gang. Not even worth 1 star. If you want to lose your money you have to play this.

Many problems and something is not right with this casino
Bad customer service and many problems. They used to have live chat, but since the website was redesigned that doesn't work anymore.
You can only contact them by phone, facebook and twitter but that also takes forever. (Sometimes they only respond days later, when it doesn't make sense anymore)

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