June 5, 2022 - 10:31 am

Dutch games of chance authority takes action against 37 operators

The Dutch games of chance authority has taken action against 37 operators who operated gaming machines without a valid attendance licence. The 37 operators were found out by investigating 290 locations with gaming machines. The 290 locations were selected on the basis of a random sample.

Operators stop prohibited activities

The 37 operators who had committed offences were written to by the Ksa. In the end, all the operators in the survey, with the exception of one, ceased violating the rules. The operator who continued to violate the law required an intention to impose an order for incremental penalty payments.

Why is supervision carried out?

An attendance licence is also important to prevent gaming machines being used for criminal activities or for the presence of minors. The need for the intention can be taken into account in the assessment by the Games of Chance Authority whether the operator may retain his operating licence.

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