May 21, 2022 - 2:41 pm

Who are the winners of the May State Lottery draw?

In the month of May, two lucky players of the State Lottery both win €1 million, tax free! In the 10 May draw, the main prize of €1,000,000 was won by a whole state lot by a subscriber from the Stichtse Vecht municipality.

The XL first prize of €1,000,000 also fell on a whole state lottery ticket. This ticket was bought in a shop in Rotterdam.  Millionaires ... congratulations!

The 10 May draw was very special! You had an extra chance to win €2,500 (with 5 correct final numbers). This extra prize was expected to be won 400 times*, adding €1,000,000 to the prize pool. Good news, this prize fell more often than expected. In total, €1,068,500 fell on this extra prize on 10 May, €68,500 more than expected! 320 whole lottery tickets received €2,500 and 537 1/5 lottery tickets received €500.

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