February 10, 2023 - 9:24 am

What does Holland Casino do with the money from the donation boxes?

For Holland Casino, CSR mainly means involving employees and organisations in local initiatives. They are very generous in this respect. You may not know it yet. Every day, money and chips are left on the casino floor that are not requested back by guests. The employees save that and every year they decide together which charities they will support with it. In this way, our employees want to show their commitment and make a concrete contribution to social causes.

Donation boxes in casino locations

Anyone who has been to Holland Casino knows them. Guests can leave their change, leftover tickets and chips in the donation box, and sometimes even part of the jackpot. Holland Casino donates everything that disappears to local charities and foundations.

The money we find in the casino every day, we add to the money in the donation box. We find money on the floor, we find money in the slot machines. Then came the amount won, which we could not distribute to the guests and despite checking the CCTV footage, no one signed up. The money we find we do not add to our profits but keep for charities and foundations.

Which charity will the money go to?

They were able to contribute to Ledro4Life (ALS Foundation), WensAmbulance Brabant, KidsDay, Stichting Semmy, Operation Smile, Stichting Kinderkampen Eindhoven, Stichting 2109 and Stichting Speelkr8.

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