December 8, 2021 - 11:42 am

China arrests Macau gambling boss and launches attack on illegal gambling

The Chinese gambling industry is in turmoil. The ruling Communist Party is taking tough action against gambling. Last weekend, a wealthy gambling boss from Macau was arrested. This year, thousands of Chinese have been arrested for opening online casinos. Gambling is a popular hobby in China. While most Chinese bet a few bucks on a game of traditional mahjong, the elite gambles away millions in fancy casinos around the world.

Why do Chinese people like to gamble?

In China, holiday gambling is a custom and a tradition. Boredom and a lack of social contact also play a role, making gambling a way to be among people.

Gambling on football

And the possibilities are endless. There is gambling on football in Europe, basketball in America, horse races in Hong Kong, mahjong and lotteries. According to the Chinese authorities, these gambling bosses often cooperate with the authorities and the police.
There is also gambling on matches that cannot be followed on TV or the Internet at all in China. In these cases, the progress of the match is relayed by a Chinese person sitting in the stands.

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