July 26, 2022 - 10:37 am

Best tips for responsible summer gambling

Before you start playing a game of chance, decide in advance how much money you are going to spend and for how long you are going to play. Also, don't start spending your salary as soon as you receive it. First pay your bills, such as rent or mortgage. Spending money immediately after you receive your salary is a dangerous idea. First pay all your bills, such as rent or mortgage.

Time limit for gambling

Then consider in advance how much money and time you are willing to gamble, and stick to that plan. Set a time limit and a money limit before you start playing. If you run out of time or money, stop playing. Do not deposit or pin into the game. Remember that on average, players lose more than they win. If you win in the game, the house will always win in the end. Do not let advertisements, bonuses or promotions stop you. Always read the fine print on websites before clicking through.

Playing with money you have borrowed is never wise. Do not use a credit card either. Whether you win or lose is usually determined by luck, not by your insight or how much you have practised. Gambling should not take priority over work, school or agreements with others.

Gambling is fun

Gambling for fun is okay, but never gamble in the hope of winning money. Do not gamble if you feel angry, sad, bored or lonely, or if you use alcohol or other stimulants.

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