August 17, 2022 - 10:04 pm

Belgium has lowered the deposit limit for online casino's to €200 per week.

Belgium has lowered the deposit limit to €200 per week.. In July 2022, Belgium passed a Royal Decree that set the maximum weekly deposit in an online casino to €200. The previous law in Belgium was €500 per week, lower than the current limit.

Belgium lowered the deposit limit to €200 per week.

On 20 October 2022, all current and new players playing online at a Belgian casino will be limited to spending $200 per week. This change will not take effect immediately; casinos have 3 months to implement the change.

The Belgian gambling regulator thinks it is a good idea to monitor gambling behaviour and help people with problems and wants gambling providers to monitor this. They also think that deposit limits, play limits and loss limits should be introduced, but no decision has been made on this yet.

Set your deposit limit higher to play the game.
If you want to deposit more than €200 per week, you have to let the casino know. The casino will let the Belgian Gaming Commission know, after which a report will be generated. If the National Bank of Belgium does not list the player as a defaulter, the player can increase the limit on his credit card after three days.

the limit will be reduced to €200

Players who do not pay their cheque are checked once a month by the National Bank of Belgium. If they have not paid, the limit will be reduced to €200 per month.

The lowest amount that can be deposited into a bank account is $100. A player can choose to set a lower deposit limit. Perhaps $25 per week, or $50 per month. You can also set a daily limit. Games of chance must be played responsibly, and online casinos with a Belgian license are required to offer this option. A casino must set a lowest wagering limit.

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