May 8, 2022 - 12:06 pm

Belgian Gambling Commission wants to raise minimum age for sports betting

A month ago, the General Drug Policy Unit presented the 'Gambling Addiction Policy Action Plan 2022-2028'. The plan proposes measures to further prevent gambling addiction in Belgium. For example, a minimum age must be set for betting on sports and a new warning text must be introduced.

The General Drugs Policy Unit (ACD) presented the Gambling Addiction Policy Plan in Belgium at the end of March. The plan contains measures to combat gambling addiction among the Belgian population.

Measures against gambling addiction

The measures in the policy plan are plans for the coming years. In order to implement all the changes, budgets must be freed up in various bodies involved. In some cases, legislative changes may be required.

  • Measures to monitor the problem
  • Measures to prevent the number of problem gamblers from increasing.
  • The measures in the policy plan are plans for the coming years.
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