October 31, 2021 - 1:38 pm

Andy van der Meyde figurehead of new Betcity casino

The new online provider Betcity of sports betting moved on immediately after receiving their license. It immediately contracted former footballer Andy van der Meijde as its new figurehead. Van der Meijde is now visible on all banners of BetCity.nl. Andy van der Meijde is best known for his YouTube channel. With the series Bij Andy In the car, he receives, among others, professional footballers or well-known influencers in his car, with whom he then drives around and talks.

Andy first Toto and now Betcity

Advertising Van der Meijde is obviously very clever because TOTO, the competitor of Betcity, already had Any vd Meijde as a figurehead in the past. Last summer, Andy was succeeded by his former colleague Wesley Sneijder, who is now King Toto. Is Wesley the next to go to Betcity?

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