How to recognize a dubious online casino? Read these five warning signs

You can find hundreds of online casinos on the worldwide web. Places full of entertainment, but is your privacy and money safe? Sadly, that is not always the case. Not every online casino is reliable. It’s terrible when your winning money isn’t paid out. You should always do extensive research before becoming a member of a casino. We have a ‘blacklist’ of casinos you should be careful with. No names, but certain type of casinos. Read the following warning signs in this article, to recognize dubious casinos.

Blacklist for unreliable casinos

Some online casinos are not only known for their bad quality, but for their untrustworthiness as well. They deserve as place on the blacklist, so that people know not to visit them. One of the places with a blacklist is You should take a look at it. It’s not easy for online casinos to get off this list. It only happens when they improve their quality. Just getting off the internet would be a better idea though. The blacklist is a good warning for dangerous casino where you lose money instead of winning it.

What are the reasons to put a casino on the blacklist?
Always make sure that you read some reviews of an online casino before becoming a member. Former client can tell you what to expect. Casino reviews can also be found at Bad reviews are not the only reason to put a casino on the blacklist. It could also be that a casino doesn’t pay-out winners or that the place is financially unstable. That could also be a reason not to pay out your money. Casino who send spam emails to visitors or who have criminal activities obviously also end up on the blacklist.

Warning sign 1: Casinos who don’t have a proper pay-out

An important reason for someone to visit an online casino is the idea that a lot of money can be won. It’s great fun to win a nice amount of money, and it’s definitely encouraging! However, it’s absolutely no fun when the casino doesn’t pay you properly. It can give several reasons to do so, including the terms and conditions. Some places use unreasonable terms and conditions, which can be very annoying. Make sure that you always reads the rules properly to prevent unpleasant surprises.

Warning sign 2: A casino doesn’t have the financial resources

A casino can have several reasons not to pay you. Sometimes it simply doesn’t have the financial resources. It has to deal with payment problems, that becomes worse every week. After the introduction of ready-made white label platforms, basically everyone can start an online casino. This doesn’t always end well, not for the casino and certainly not for you. Don’t let yourself be fooled. You’ve paid for the bet, so you deserve your prize.

Warning sign 3: A long identification process

At some casinos you need to identify yourself first before making an account. This makes sense, since it’s a company wants to know you as a client. It’s a different story when you have to send new documents several times. At some places it takes months to process the documents, and then they ask you for another one! This is not a good sign, especially when the casino also asks for documents certified by a notary or lawyer. These documents sometimes cost a few hundred euros. This process is absolutely not worth it, since you probably lose more money than you’re winning.

Warning sign 4: You’re confronted with misleading information

An unreliable casino often gives you misleading information. Think about fake news messages, Jackpot hoaxes and misleading commercials. It’s a sign that something is wrong. Try to avoid these places as much as possible! Luckily places with misleading information have a place in the blacklist as well.

Warning sign 5: A casino sends you a lot of spam

It’s incredibly annoying to receive spam in your emailbox. Sadly, some casinos are very skillful in sending messages you haven’t asked for. These places know your e-mail because they’ve bought it from a list with information about gamblers. As a result, you and many other people receive spam mail from the casino all the time. There is some good news as well. Some companies, like, warn you for online casinos who sell your information to third party. This website thinks that your privacy is very important, and fights against online casinos who think otherwise.

Warning sign 6: You suspect criminal activities

Misleading information and spam can be annoying, but it’s not dangerous. A casino that works together with criminals is. Avoid it like the plague! New members can become the victim of identity fraud. It happens before you know it. At some casinos you have to send a copy of your passport. Some criminals can use your identify to pursue criminal activities. Also realize that these kind of casinos aren’t ending the criminal activities soon. Some of them even pay for hackers, so that they get your financial and personal information! What’s more, over the years many websites have been hacked. Think about company websites or a charity page. Suddenly it’s full of commercials for dubious casinos. This is obviously the work hackers. Read the blacklist and avoid these kind of casinos, so that they hopefully will disappear in the near future.

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