What is the difference between Bingo and Keno?

It’s a popular game that most people have been playing in the past: Bingo. Or perhaps you still play it very often. It’s a familiar scene: a group of people in a room with their own Bingo cards in front of them. On the stage someone calls out all the Bingo numbers one by one. The first person who has a full Bingo card loudly screams ‘Bingo!’. Did you know that it’s also possible to enjoy this popular game online? In this article we tell you all about popular Bingo and Keno websites.

What kind of Bingo games exist?
There are several Dutch online casinos where you can try live Bingo or Keno. Visit one of them to experience these games on the worldwide web. There are usually several Bingo games to choose from. The most common version is known as ’90 ball Bingo’. In that case you have a Bingo card with three horizontal lines with numbers. You’re the winner when you’re the first player with a completely full card. This means that you’ve filled all the lines on the card. Scream ‘Bingo’ and get your prize! Another Bingo version has 75 balls instead of 90. The Bingo cards of this game are square, with means that they have 5 by 5 numbers.

Win the Jackpot with Bingo
Besides Bingo with 75 or 90 numbers, ‘pattern Bingo’ is popular as well. During this game you don’t have to fill the entire card, but only squares on a predefined figure. Most of the time the winner receives a small prize. However, there are some Jackpot Bingos online. The rules of these games are quite easy. Participants have to buy a ticket. A small part of the ticket prize is given to the prize pool, which increases until someone wins the game. One player has the winning ticket and gets the Jackpot. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

What is the difference between Bingo and Keno?

Online casinos usually offer two online games in Bingo-style: Bingo and Keno. There are not a lot of differences between these games. The main difference is that Keno gives you the possibility to choose the numbers yourself, whereas during Bingo you receive the numbers beforehand. Keno players have to choose numbers between the 1-80 range on a large card. A computer draws 20 numbers in total. How more numbers correspond with the numbers you’ve chosen, how more you win. Imagine that you’ve chosen 8 numbers and 8 of them are correct. In that case you win more than when you have 8 correct numbers out of 15.

How to choose the right casino to play Bingo and/or Keno?
Bingo and Keno can be played in several Dutch online casinos. It can be quite difficult to choose the right place. Decide what’s important for you: easy gaming or design? Some games have a great design, but a difficult gameplay. The choice depends on you. Always pay attention to safety though. Read reviews and always choose a safe and reliable online casino.

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