How to celebrate chinese New Year at Holland Casino?

Celebrate Chinese New Year at Holland Casino
Chinese New Year is a special event that shouldn’t be forgotten. Holland Casino pays attention to this tradition by organization Chinese New Year every year. 2019 is the ‘Year of the Pig’, which begins on February 5 and ends on January 24, 2020. Chinese New Year is quite a big celebration, because it takes place for fifteen days! Holland Casino likes to celebrate it with all its visitors.

An unforgettable evening at Holland Casino

Holland Casino organizes several special evenings with the Chinese New Year theme. As always there is a lot of entertainment, but now you can taste delicious Chinese snacks as well! There’s also a Favorites Jackpot, to make sure that the evenings are unforgettable.

Chinese New Year: a new start and lots of joy

Everyone who celebrates Chinese New Year can make a new start. They can pay of their debts, clean their house and buy new clothes. The celebrations always start with a delicious meal for the entire family. This is also a way to honor the gods. Most people also give each other presents, usually a nice gift wrapped in red paper. Light fireworks also wrapped in red paper as well. Outside you can visit interesting performances with lion and dragon dances.

The Year of the Pig
The Year of the Pig has a positive vibe, because in the Chinese astrology it symbolizes happiness and abundance. People who are born in this special year will become enthusiastic, kind, understanding and sympathetic to others. They will also have a sensual and truthful personality. If someone is born in the Year of the Pig, he or she will be a true peacemaker. We definitely need this kind of personality in the world, because the ‘Pigs’ usually believe in justice and are able to maintain authority and order.


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